Unused Ambition, Declines

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Ask someone, they’ll tell you they have them. Some people will go as far as offering their goals to you, unsolicited. It’s great to have goals. To me, they’re a requirement for success.

But there’s only so much writing-them-down and talking you can do. Like a well-trained army that doesn’t get to see combat, goals that aren’t acted upon start to dull. The energy wanes. That burning flame of ambition becomes a benign statement that means nothing. It doesn’t even excite you anymore.

I’ve said, a decision doesn’t become real until an action confirms it. It’s your way of letting yourself know you’re for real. And the larger your goal, the more actions you’ll need. They remind yourself of your commitment along the way. A decision doesn't become real until an action confirms it. Click To Tweet

When was the last time you challenged yourself?

… Committed to something before you knew how you’d deliver?

… Did something – anything – bold and audacious?

When did you last take a big, decisive action related to your most important life goals?

Ambition: Use it or lose it. Ambition: Use it or lose it. Click To Tweet

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