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(What you’re about to read is an email received last week in response to my Not Voting In 2020 article — I found it interesting; maybe you will too.) 


Hi Dre,

You asked the following questions:

Name ONE thing Trump has done since 2016 that directly affected you …? No one whom I’ve asked this can answer. 

Two things that have affected me during Trump’s term have been the tarrifs levied against China and his tax policy. In my role in my company I’ve worked hard to save the company money but with the vendors that we have in China the tarrifs made it extremely expensive to continue doing business and even more expensive to move to new vendors in other countries (NONE of this work by the way has come back to the US as Trump claimed. We’ve lost customers, our lead times on material increased and it’s created chaos in our supply chain. 

His tax policy has hurt me in the last two years and my returns were much lower than it should’ve been. 

I didn’t even include Covid as we can all debate about whether or not Covid is his fault or not, but it happened during his presidency and he’s done a poor job of managing that. I’ve had 7 family members and friends contract the virus, several were in the hospital for weeks. 

Name ONE thing Biden will do for you over the next four years…?

In terms of Biden, I’d be a fool to guarantee anything from him. A man is only as good as his word. If elected I hope he would follow through on his word, but we should expect that from every president. If he follows through, then I expect him to roll back that ridiculous crime bill as well as absolve all impacted by minor marijuana charges in the last 30 years.

I hope that answers your questions. I respect your choice not to vote but remember that it defeats the purpose of a democracy. Find an independent that aligns with your ideals/values and give them your ballot. 

We gotta do better and choosing not to vote isn’t better. It’s WORSE.



Several people replied to my not-voting piece with the absolute WORST approach to confronting anyone who shares an opinion: pushing your own opinion, while telling me why mine is wrong. 

Of those who dissented, XXXXXXX is the ONLY person who actually answered the question I asked without —

-Pitting me against them (“A non-vote is a vote for Trump!” No. It’s a vote for no one. That’s why it’s a non-vote)

-Ad hominem attacks on any side or person (“Trump is a clown! He must DIE!”)

-Finger wagging (“shame on you!”) 

-Telling me that I only care about myself (when my very business is offering personal development and self-help every day— not just once every 1,460 days when everyone all of a sudden knows everything about government) 

— XXXXXXX provided actual substance. Tangible, real examples. Not YouTube links of speeches or copy-pasted New York Times headlines. Not borrowed bulleted lists that the bullets-poster couldn’t even explain themselves. 

And, notice this: XXXXXXX actually DISAGREED with me. He did it in such a civil way, though, that you barely notice. He made his point without “supporting” it by attacking me or my POV. 

It was a breath of fresh air. Hopefully some people learn from it. If experience tells me anything, though, it will only further embolden the fools. 

We’ll see. 


(My reply follows. I’m sharing this NOT for anyone to “set me straight” with your data. Let’s see if that disclaimer keeps things calmer this time around.)


Thanks for the thoughtful response. I can count on one hand how many of those I’ve received from this article haha…

You’re also the only person to offer a tangible Trump effect, so I appreciate you sharing. 

Re Tarrifs: you’d know more about this than me, but wasn’t that the point — to make it less desirable to work with China? I only see his viral statements but it appears that’s exactly what Trump wanted — to hurt any business who deals with China. You’d have to tell me. 

I get that this would cause you to vote against him — the very point of the democracy. One thing many folks (not you) don’t get is that everything has a trade-off. I know you’re not the only business who’s been hurt by Trump’s stance on China. Politicians never announce it, but for every “win” for one group, there’s a “loss” for another. 

I’d completely understand and agree for this to push you to vote Biden. As I said, you’re the first person to offer a direct, tangible reason like this as opposed to talking-point rhetoric. 

Regarding taxes, this is another area where trade offs are guaranteed — someone will win and others will lose. There’s no way around that. But again, that’s why we vote: so the trade offs work for us instead of against. If I were you, again, this would seal the deal for me to choose Biden. 

COVID is the toughest one for me, and I respect that fact that you at least acknowledge that it’s hard to pin it completely on DJT. The trade off here is that a full lockdown would kill many businesses and families (financially) and a dead economy would be used against Trump politically — there’s no way for him to win politically with it. Sucks for Trump. 

What I pose to people is, had COVID happened under Obama or Biden or whoever — with nothing to compare it to, mind you — political opponents would use any number of deaths against the President. If 100k or even 25K died under Obama, the Republicans would leverage that to say BO mishandled it. It’s a no-win situation. 

There’s no COVID response to compare Trump’s to — just people saying that he could’ve done things better when it was new to all of us. 

Even when it comes to other countries. I don’t know where you’re from, XXXXXXX, but you probably know that it’s damn near impossible to force Americans to do what they don’t wanna do. I, for one, didn’t wear a mask at all until the cops starting giving citations for it. I just didn’t care. Many Americans openly flouted COVID by gathering in large groups all over the country because… they wanted to. That’s not Trump’s fault. 

Even had he urged people to stay inside — like the mayor of Miami Beach has continued to do — Americans do what they want to do. That’s just what it is. 

I have staff who are Filipino and they, by contrast, get told what days they’re allowed to even come out of their houses. Could an American President enforce that? Would Americans accept it, ever? Hell no. 

As for Biden, I’m dubious about the crime bill as he supported it back then (he’d be risking a lot of political relationships in doing so), and the marijuana stuff is huge. All those people being let out of prison would, I would predict, lead to a spike in crime as some of those people (not all) would commit some other crime — and the Republicans would use that against him in the worst ways. He’s allowing criminals into the population! The next Republican candidate would kill Biden over that. 

One thing I think a lot of citizens don’t consider is how much politicians have to weigh their choices not only on what is good for the people, but equally on how it could be used against them in their next election. This is their career, after all. It’s a dirty game. 

I understand your point about making some choice, any choice, over no choice. Hey, maybe I’ll change my mind in the next 3 weeks. Anything’s possible. 

Want to let you know, XXXXXXX, how much I appreciate the message. You are giving me hope that there are people out there who can have conversations and make dissenting points respectfully and with actual substance, and that not everyone is like the commentators on Facebook…

Would you allow me to repost this exchange as an article/email? I’ll leave your name out of it, of course. 



(This was just a few days ago and he hadn’t replied yet. So I’m posting it anyway.) 

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