Anything You Need Is Important

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Anything You Need Is Important | Dre BaldwinI was listening to an interview of Jordan Belfort (aka The Wolf of Wall Street) and he made a great analogy about money.

People say money’s not important. That’s only because they’re broke and rationalizing it. I mean, what if you told your wife she wasn’t important — how long would she stick around? 

I remember playing an exhibition/friendly basketball game with a team I had just joined in Europe some years ago. We lost the game. It was my first day with the club, none of us knew each other and there was no rhythm to our play. I had played OK at best. I was telling a friend about the game later and she directly questioned my rationalization about the game not being important. I knew that line of thinking was bullshit — if winning games wasn’t important, I wouldn’t have had a job for much longer.

We usually deem things as “unimportant” when we have accepted that fact that we can’t have or won’t accomplish them.

Let’s say you’re pursuing two passions at the same time, which we know is very doable because many people have done it successfully. You may be doing really well in one of them and not so well in the other. And you deem the not-so-well one unimportant because you can always point to your success in the other to save face. That lost game was unimportant to me because I knew my job didn’t hinge on the outcome. But if it had, or I’d won that basketball game, it would’ve been important.

Money is important to any millionaire.

Winning is important to any championship team.

Oxygen is important when you’re choking to death.

Whatever is important, we get done, accumulate and pay attention to. And whatever we mark as unimportant, we are asking to have it move far, far away from us. Consider that when you’re rationalizing your shortcomings.

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