Appearances: People Believe Only What They Can See

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Appearances dre baldwinLiving in Miami for the past 6+ years, one thing I know about this town is that appearance is the #1 currency. Doesn’t matter what you’ve actually done, or how you got what you have — if you present the appearance of it, people buy it and respect it at face value.

This is the reality of this city, but all of life is the same, in a way: people will take your appearance at face value for the most part, without thinking deeper about anything they see. This can work for or against you, depending on your level of thinking.

The appearance of confidence will make people believe that there must be a real reason for it. People will use this fact to present to you an appearance of success that, in reality, isn’t much more than paper-thin. And the older we get as humans, the better we get at hiding what we don’t want anyone to see. Which means that the more life-experienced the people you meet, the more and deeper critical thinking that would be needed to decipher their appearances.

This is hard work though, mentally, and requires a certain level of discernment skill that a lot of people simply don’t have, and lack the discipline to acquire. You can get it, though, for a price: Pay attention to what you see and what you don’t see. What you hear and don’t hear. Ask questions — not necessarily of others, but in your own mind. If I were in this situation, what would I do, and why? If this is true, then why is this true?

There’s a message in everything that is loud and clear, if you can look past the bright, shiny facade. It is meant to blind you.

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