Apples To Oranges: Stop Comparing So Much

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Apples To Oranges - Dre Baldwin

Do enough comparing and you’ll eventually, always come out a loser.

As people, we are always comparing ourselves to others, especially in terms of accomplishment and possessions. And when in this mode, we put ourselves below others because of appearances. We put people on certain levels, mentally, based on how they present themselves without even knowing the backstory of that appearance.

And this habit hurts people more than any actual reality of interaction.

You have to understand — or first figure out if need be — what your true value is and what makes you unique and worth someone’s time. That thing may be exactly what the next person you meet is looking for.

You don’t have to match other people blow-for-blow in life; there will always be someone who has more. You can’t ever win that game.

The people you deal with like having you around for a reason — reasons that they may never explicitly share with you. And maybe they never will (or aren’t capable of articulating them). They like you for being you, and trying to win the comparison game will take you out of character, at which point your value is lost.

The only real, worthy comparison you need to make is to yourself.


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