Stand Your Ground, Speak Like You Mean It and Call The Shots With a 30-Day Infusion of Self-Belief that Never Expires

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My name is Ellyson Ortega and I'm 19 years old. I'm currently a Sophomore in College and some of the challenges I was facing was definitely confidence in myself and even the way I viewed myself. I wasn't as confident as I wanted to be. Deep down I knew I could always be more confident. I just didn't know how to reach it.

When you sent out an email about ASAP Confidence, I had to try it out. I had a feeling this was meant for me. I knew it because the moment I started Day 1, I knew this was going to work for me. Going through the ASAP Confidence course, I've learned how to become the "Super You" and I even know how to stand properly and even walk properly. I know what to think and what to do now when someone tries to tear me down.

The results of this course are AMAZING! I noticed the difference after Day 1 and I've just been so much happier with myself ever since I took this course. Not only did I become more confident, but I became much happier as well. This course will CHANGE your life for the better! You won't be the same person you were before and that's a great thing!!! Some people will leave you because of it but that's okay! Those people aren't meant to be apart of your life anyways!! Once you take this course, you become an opportunity magnet! You will attract everything!!!

Thanks again to Dre Baldwin as he created this life changing course!! Recommend this course 100/10.

You Hate That Unspoken, Powerless Feeling​​​​

Confidence Does What Skill Cannot Do.

Have you ever encountered someone and immediately felt less than that person? You haven't even had a conversation yet or told them your name, but you already feel inferior?

Then... you start talking. The conversation basically confirms what you already knew.

Your lack of Confidence is seeping out of every crevice of your being. It's just like fuel leaking out of a damaged gas tank.

No wonder you're on empty every three days!

Confidence: Result-Creator And Result-Multiplier.

If You're Not At FULL Confidence, You're Selling Yourself Short.

When it comes to Confidence, are you all-the-way IN, or just getting in your own way?
In Sales, Confidence turns "No" into "Yes."
In Sports, Confidence flips performance anxiety and getting cut into Scout Attention, Scholarship Offers and Contracts.
Looking in your mirror, Confidence changes I could do better into I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

But What If...

How Would A Fully Confident You Look and Feel?

... What if you went from average Bench Player to the Starting Lineup - just through a change in psychology?

... What if everyone else had to straighten up when YOU walked in the room?

... What if the people fell all over themselves trying to measure up to YOUR Standards?

... What if you generated more business by transferring your own self belief to your prospects?

... What if you looked at yourself every morning and saw the First Class person You Truly Are?

Introducing ASAP Confidence

Learn to Stand Your Ground, Speak Like You Mean It and Call The Shots With a 30-Day Infusion of Self-Belief that Never Expires

​ASAP Confidence is the 30-day journey that starts in your mind and quickly transfers to your daily dealings, actions, and how people respond to you. 

We get right to the meat of change straight from the first day. You will understand where your confidence is today and how it got there. Then, we'll decide where you want to take it for the rest of your life. Then we go to work on that plan.

Each day, you'll have an exercise to help you both understand yourself and identify the needed changes to get from Current You to Super You.

I'll be with you every step, making sure you follow through daily.

Dre Baldwin: Who I Am​​​​

What Qualifies ME to Teach You This Stuff?

I was the nerd in school who was afraid to talk to girls.
The cooler kids made fun of me, the girls I secretly liked laughed at me.
I never spoke up for myself. I quickly backed down whoever challenged. I got embarrassed of the courts and fields in any sport I tried.

Being bad at things can be disappointing. But there isn't a worse feeling than knowing you have the ability, yet lacking the confidence to show it.
Fast forward to today.

I've given 2 TED Talks on Confidence and written the book on Confidence called The Super You. I learned where Confidence comes from, how to build it, use it, and multiply it.

And now I teach it.

As a speaker and consultant, I show Business Professionals and Athletes just like you how to create Confidence and use it in their work.

Anyone who's worked with me knows I don't waste time and I don't mince words. I tell you what you need to hear.

How It Works And How To Begin

What To Expect from ASAP Confidence 

What's In ASAP Confidence: You get a new 3-6 minute video daily - starting NOW! We start with understanding how your Confidence got to where it is [Day 1] to completely releasing your self-image emergency brake [Day 30]. You'll receive a reminder by email each day to get your lesson.

What You Will Do:
Take detailed notes on everything and follow the daily exercises. ASAP Confidence is not a watch-and-leave course.

The Final Result:
No later than 30 days after starting ASAP Confidence, you'll stand straighter. You'll no longer feel stressed about asserting yourself. You will run the show of your life with a new level of Self-Belief that NEVER expires.

My Guarantee

Is ASAP Confidence Right For You?

You know you need ASAP Confidence... But you're hesitant.

Let me help you: If you don't love this 30-day mini-course, I want you to get 100% of your money back. I'll tell you why.

I know what it feels to not want to look myself in the mirror. No one believed in me, for good reason: I didn't believe in me. They were simply following my lead.
And it wasn't like I needed to practice more. I had the ability! What I needed was a self-image healthy enough to show it.

ASAP Confidence is a real-life Photoshop for your image.

Confidence is the Secret Sauce that goes on top of skill. Highly skilled people who lack Confidence get one result: Frustration. That's the feeling of knowing what you want - and being fully capable of getting it - yet still not having it.

Go through just 5 days of ASAP Confidence, or all 30 - and see the difference in how you carry yourself. In how others perceive you. You will notice a tangible difference.

This course isn't about changing your character. It's about getting in touch with your gifts and being unapologetic about sharing them with the world. It's about creating change from the inside-out - my life's work. And if I can help you make the team, close more sales, or get a date... I'll be happy for that, too.

So here's my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this mini-course, show me that you've done the work and get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Start now and see for yourself.

Stand Your Ground, Speak Like You Mean It
and Call The Shots With a 30-Day Infusion of Self-
Belief that Never Expires

$4,999 Value

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If you don't LOVE this mini-course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Join

the program and see for yourself.