Ask And You Shall Recive

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Ask And You Shall Receive  | Dre BaldwinYou have heard the clichés.

Be careful what you ask for — you just might get it. 

Ask and ye shall receive. 

Over the past 6 months I have found those statements to be very true. I won’t go into details just yet as stories are still being written, but it’s almost surreal how things I’ve been asking for are actually happening.

Ask for anything — in a detailed, specific way, consistently enough — and you will get it.

Right now, you may be thinking, well shit — where’s my million dollars and perfect life that I’ve been asking for? Well they’re out there, waiting for you to be more specific.

Here’s the thing: the universe does not give something for nothing. Asking for a million dollars in cash every night before bed won’t make it appear. Asking for a million dollars as payment for solving the problems of a million people — that will get you paid. The universe is like a bank; it wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t get full repayment of every dollar that leaves the building.

So you asking are not just in the words and thoughts — your actions are a request just as well. If you go lift weights every day, you’re asking for bigger muscles. If you read a book for an hour per day, you’re asking for knowledge. Projecting negative energy towards others is a request for it to come back to you.

They say you can have anything if you’re willing to ask 100 people for it. What you ask the universe for is even more powerful.

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