Ask Not, Have Not: Speak Up For What You Want

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Ask Not, Have Not - Dre BaldwinEvery single one of us has a list of things we want that (for whatever reason) we don’t have. And the thing we want is simply a conversation away.

There are various reasons why said conversation hasn’t happened yet.

Some of us know exactly with whom we need to speak, but fear is in our way.

Some of us have all the energy and confidence to say what needs to be said, but finding that right combination of words is a challenge.

Some of us know exactly what we want to say and how to say it, but haven’t found the person to say it to yet.

Some people come across the person they would need to talk to every single day. And the words would flow perfectly. And there is zero fear. But these people don’t even realize that the question needs to be asked.

Others know what they want and know what they’d need to do to get it. They’re good at communication and know exactly who to talk to, how and when. But… They’re afraid of actually receiving what they would ask for, because they’re pretty confident they would get it. For this person, receiving what they’d ask for is the problem.

Which are you?