Ask Again

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Someone offered to edit video for me after I mentioned it an earlier email. I declined the offer — his skill level wasn’t what I need. I’m telling you this because of what happened next.

Nothing happened.

He didn’t ask me why. He didn’t offer to work for free to prove his skill or get better. He just accepted the “no” and let it go.

I get more people telling me “no” every day than most people get in a month, for two reasons: 1) I put myself out there a lot 2) Most people don’t ever put themselves out there. And when someone does tell me “no,” I always push to find out why.

What lead to this decision?
Who did you say “yes” to?
What can I do to better position/present myself in the future?
When should I ask you again?
What else do you do that I/my product would be a great fit for?

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”h4″ animation=”none” background=”plain”]The Seller’s Mindset: Create Attention, Exposure and Money – When You Want It[/dt_quote]

If something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I want to know why it didn’t go my way. And I will find out, no matter how many times I have to call someone.

I should note two things.

  1. I do this in a very professionally persistent manner.
  2. I have a legitimate reason to believe the answer should have been “yes” i.e., I have skills to back up my insistence for an answer.

Do not copy this practice without the two points listed above.

Four babies are born every second.
In that same second, two people die.

Do the math.

The world is becoming more and more populated by the minute. Everyone has access to much of the same information. Competition isn’t decreasing, it’s increasing. Persistence is a SKILL. If you’re unwilling to persist, to ask again, make a different offer, to come at a situation in a unique way, to convince yourself and other that you can make it happen, you won’t get far in this life. And as far as you do get, you won’t like what’s there for you.