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Being a former professional athlete myself, many athletes come to me for help — with their training, Mental Game, career advancement, and their transition to the next phase of their lives. I’ve written a ton of stuff about playing professional basketball, from exposure camps to agents to money to my own personal experiences. Here, you’ll find all the material you need when it comes to a professional sports career.

Use me as a source for all the above, and everything else I share on the page. I’d suggest you bookmark this page and share it with your athlete friends, players, children and teammates.

Basketball Basics


Basketball Training, Workouts & Injuries

Eating, Nutrition & Diet

Basketball Tryouts

Basketball On-Court Issues

High School & College Basketball

Professional / Overseas Basketball

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Basics For Professional Basketball, Overseas or Anywhere Else

Money, Agents & Business in Professional Basketball

Pro & Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps, Showcases and Combines

Other Pro Basketball Topics

Personal Pro Basketball Stuff

Podcast Episodes You’ll Need

My Work On Your Game Podcast is daily — yes, EVERY DAY — and it focuses on the Mental Game from every angle as I am the #1 Mental Game teacher alive. Below are select chosen episodes that are most important for athletes. I’d suggest you peruse the full archive and see what all you’ve missed, and subscribe to the show:


Competition & Discipline

Mental Toughness


Life After Sports

Selling Yourself


I’ve recorded over 7,000 videos since 2005; I wont put all of them here. Below you’ll find some of my most important video for athletes on various subjects. See my YouTube channel for more.


Mental Game

Mental Game