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Being a former professional athlete myself, many athletes come to me for help — with their training, Mental Game, career advancement, and their transition to the next phase of their lives. 

Use me as a source for all the above, and everything else I share on the page. I’d suggest you bookmark this page and share it with your athlete friends, players, children and teammates. 

Helpful Guides

I’ve written a ton of stuff about playing professional basketball, from exposure camps to agents to money to my own personal experiences. Here, you’ll find all the material you need when it comes to a professional sports career. 

Basketball Basics


Basketball Training, Workouts & Injuries

Eating, Nutrition & Diet

Basketball Tryouts

Basketball On-Court Issues

High School & College Basketball

Professional / Overseas Basketball

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Basics For Professional Basketball, Overseas or Anywhere Else

Money, Agents & Business in Professional Basketball

Pro & Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps, Showcases and Combines

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Personal Pro Basketball Stuff

Books & Programs For Athletes

I’ve written several books and created over 100 programs, all made for athletes to get both your Mental and Physical Games on-point, and keep them on-point.

Everything you see here is also available on Amazon, though it costs more over there. Most of my written books are available in audio at Audible — get one free through this link

The higher your ambitions, the more setbacks you’ll face. What’s your strategy to deal with them? What gives you hope to come back the next day?

I call it Mental Toughness. If Mental Toughness is what you need, The Mental Handbook is where you begin.

On a scale of 0-100, How much do you believe in yourself? How often do you reach 100? What’s keeping you from getting and staying there?

The Super You is You at your highest level of self-belief. You’ve been there before and know what it feels like, but you haven’t stayed there. After The Super You, you will.

There are lots of places to look for motivation these days. But you will soon need to move yourself to action and find your outside resources limited – what will you do then?

With The Mirror of Motivation, you will look within.

You become your own motivation and inspire yourself. Find the drive and extra push you want, on-call.

I get many questions from players on playing pro basketball. How to contact agents, which camps to attend, what kind of game video to obtain, how much money can you make?

The NBA has 450 job positions, while there are 10,000 players employed internationally.

The Overseas Basketball Blueprint shares exactly what you need to get one of those jobs.

Basketball: 30 Days To Tryouts

 You Get One Shot To Show Your Game — Be So Prepared For What’s Coming, Your Spot Is Pretty Much Secured Already

Playing As Well As You Practice

All The Work You Do On Your Game Is For The Game — It Makes Sense To Know Your Practice Skills Will Translate To The Real Games.

Basketball: Which Position Should You Play? 

Basketball Has Always Been “Positionless” — Now You Will  Find And Excel In A Clear Role With A Clearly Defined Playing Style That Works On Any Team, Anywhere

The 4 Essential Mental Game Tools Of Basketball

Basketball Is All About The Mental Space You Can Get Yourself Into — Now You Will Ensure That You Stay In That “Dominant” Space

Bulletproof Mindset is my signature course, covering all areas of the Mental Game, including Discipline, Confidence, Focus, Communication, Dealing With Negativity, Mental Toughness and a whole lot more. 

The Overseas Basketball Blueprint course is a supplement to my top-selling book of the same name, and it’s made to do exactly as it say: Get you overseas and into a professional basketball career. 

Want to improve your skill of following through? Finish more of what you start? How about plain doing teethings you need and want to do for yourself? I made 30 Days To Discipline for you. 

Have you ever wished you spoke up more often? Had the courage to move on instinct instead of overthinking all the time? Actually did some of those bold ideas you have? Yes? Take ASAP Confidence and never have that problem again. 

Podcast Episodes You Need

My Work On Your Game Podcast is daily — yes, EVERY DAY — and it focuses on the Mental Game from every angle as I am the #1 Mental Game teacher alive. Below are select chosen episodes that are most important for athletes. I’d suggest you peruse the full archive and see what all you’ve missed, and subscribe to the show:


Competition & Discipline 

Mental Toughness  


Life After Sports  

Selling Yourself 


I’ve recorded over 7,000 videos since 2005; I wont put all of them here. Below you’ll find some of my most important video for athletes on various subjects. See my YouTube channel for more. 


Mental Game 




Coaches, High Schools, and Universities: I am available as speaker for your team or organization talking about my sports experience and sharing what I’ve learned with the next generation of athletes. See my Keynote Speaking page for more of my topics. 

Transition Game: From Professional Athlete to Business Professional

Contrary to what you may see, not every former athlete wants to be a coach, trainer or TV analyst. Many athletes want to enter the business world, leveraging the skills developed on the court, field, and track.
Dre Baldwin, a 9-year professional basketball player and full-time entrepreneur, shares the essential principles every athlete needs to make the sport-to-business move smoothly.

You will learn:

  • How to decide what you’re best suited for in your life’s next chapter
  • The 5 must-have “athletic” skills that every business values
  • Framing your experience: how to walk away in strength from the game with your head high
  • The “Best” Of Your Life: why what you’ve done to this point is just the beginning of your success story

Strength In Numbers Team Building: The Right Pieces, In All The Right Places 

Every historically great sports team is built on the foundation of a strong, cohesive unit. All the right pieces, all in the right places. Everyone knowing, embracing and playing their roles. And the group objective is always above the individual.
Businesses teams need to be structured the same way. Everyone buying in, sacrificing for the greater good and helping where and when help is needed.
In this revealing and engaging keynote, professional athlete Dre Baldwin will share what great teams are made of.

You will learn:

  1. Setting an example for your team that not only raises their level, but which they believe they can reach and maintain
  2. 5 Skills Of The Conductor: optimum placing of people for maximum effectiveness
  3. Multiplicity: Cultivating leaders who aim to not need you
  4. The Process: getting your team to buy in to the steps that guarantee continuous progress
  5. Why highly talented teams can lose and averge talent teams can win it all

The Center Of Gravity Leadership: Pulling The Team Up With You

In sports, there are a few special players who always want to take the big shot. The higher the stakes, the more these players want the ball. Every championship team needs this player for the big moments. And for this special player, EVERY moment is a big moment.
Business is the same way. Great leaders live for these moments when they can deliver the miracle. A big play needs to be made, time is running out, and everyone is looking at YOU to make it.
In this high-powered, motivational session, professional athlete Dre Baldwin shares the leadership principles every strong leader brings to work.

You will learn:

  1. How To Relax And Settle Your Team When Tension Is Thick And Stakes Are High
  2. Starting With #1: Leading Yourself First, Drawing Your Followers
  3. The Bugle Boy Of Success: Steel Your Mind For Victory
  4. “I Got This:” Flexing Your Decision-Making Muscle When It’s Most Needed

Motivation Is For Amateurs: What REALLY Drives Those Who Always Get It Done

If you’re a professional, Motivation is not what you need.
Motivation is merely a temporary (an hour, 3 weeks, a year) driver to action. Like hot water without a heat source, Motivation eventually cools off and must be re-heated. Since we get used to stimuli after multiple exposures to it, motivations must be updated and varied to keep our attention. And when we’re not motivated, we turn in half-assed work, if we work at all.
Amateurs cannot be depended on to always show up and do their job. Amateurs need libraries of motivational material just to get going every day, similar to how some people “can’t function” without a shot of caffeine in the mornings.
You can’t run a business with amateurs at the helm. Actually, you probably wouldn’t even have a business to begin with.
In this eye-opening and mind-shifting Keynote session, 9-year professional athlete Dre Baldwin shares the real tool of real professionals.

You will learn:

  • How To Be A True Professional And Not A Bench-Warmer Or Practice Player
  • Drawing On Inspiration The Very Moment You Need It
  • Discipline Cleaning Up The Dirty Word That Makes A Pro A Pro
  • Motivation: Why Amateurs Depend On It And Remain Amateurs