The Auto-Alarm Clock: Give Your Subconscious Mind Work To Do

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You probably have an alarm that wakes you up most days. Has there ever been a day when you forgot to set the alarm, or the alarm didn’t go off for some reason? What time did you eventually wake up?

Probably the same time as usual, without the alarm.

The usual reason we think that happened is because of your body clock. But what we don’t consider is what your body clock actually is: your subconscious mind’s message to the body to do what you’ve trained it to do, which is wake up and 6am. No loud sounds or vibrations needed.

So if it can work for a non-functioning alarm clock, well, what else can it do?

Anything you want. Just follow the alarm clock formula:

  1. Decide what that thing is (wake up, be positive, believe in yourself, don’t eat junk food)
  2. Drill the idea into your subconscious by doing it every day and not making it an option (just like being at work on time is required for you to keep your job)
  3. Use words, pictures, thoughts, music, videos, whatever works
  4. It must be CONSISTENTLY given to your subconscious mind in order for it to be accepted. Let’s use 90 days as a target.
  5. Reap the rewards of whatever you’ve planted.

Know that this works for both positive and negative habits — any negative habits you have have been planted there by you, either on purpose or by neglect to protect your mind from the BS.

The good news now? You’re aware of what you’re doing. Which makes you 100% responsible for it.