Averse to Adversity: Shit Happens. Don’t Fear It

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Averse to Adversity - Dre BaldwinThe sky is not falling.

Your life is not in danger. Whatever you are dealing with now, I’m 99.9% sure, is not a matter of life or death. Is it possible something unwanted will come to pass? Possibly, yes. That worst-case scenario you’re bitching and whining about? Probably not.

A quick secret about that bad basketball game performance or that conversation you’re afraid of having: No one gives a fuck about your “problems”.

There are people out there who love you, though! If it were a real emergency facing you, those people would be there. But, this? This little shit you’re crying about? Get over it.

The best become the best — in everything you can name — not because it was all easy and smooth. If that were the case, the most talented and gifted would be the best in every field. But we all know how that goes.

The best get there by continuing where others quit. By finding motivation to dedicate them more where others find excuses to whine.

You will not accomplish much if you’re averse to adversity. You need a challenge to prove your worth. Without a challenge, your skills dry up like muscles atrophy without regular trips to the weight room.

Appreciate it.


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