Back From The Dead: Bring Some Energy To The Situation

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Back From The Dead - Dre Baldwin

A change in energy can change the entire face of any situation. In almost every case, you’re better off having a surplus, rather than a deficit in this area.

Having high energy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bouncing off the walls on a sugar rush all day. A person with a calm, relaxed demeanor can still have high energy; you’ve probably been around this type of person where you can feel their presence even when they’re quietly off to the side saying nothing. And a person who’s all over the place can still easily be a drain on the group, despite their best efforts.

Energy isn’t all about your outward actions. Energy is the feeling you bring to the people around you.

And it’s easier to cut down when you have extra than it is to find more of a resource when you’re coming up short. Giving energy to others makes you an asset. Being the type who always needs to borrow makes you a burden.

It’s been said that it’s “easier to calm down a lunatic than it is to revive a dead man.”

When you’re invited to a house party, it’s rude to show up empty handed. Be courteous: bring food or drinks.

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