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Back-To-The-Wall | Dre BaldwinFor the most part in our conscious minds, we do our best to avoid back-to-the-wall situations, where it’s do-or-die in certain areas of life.

Money running low.

An absolute must-win sport competition.

A last chance to save relationships with people.

Handing in a term paper on deadline.

Save for a small percentage of the time, we get things done easier and with less stress when we do them before the seconds ticking away sound like bombs going off. But when your back is to the wall, you do things that you didn’t know you could do. Or things you knew you could do, but couldn’t find the right combination of energy & timing to actually make happen. A few back-to-the-wall situations every now and then keeps us sharp like a sword fighter getting in a sword fight every few months, just so his blade never goes dull.

If you lose there won’t be another fight.

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