Basically, Common Sense: It May Be Common, But We All Need To Be Reminded

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Basically Common Sense - Dre Baldwin“It’s basically common sense.”

I hear or read this sometimes when people are attempting to discredit some form of shared information- as if common sense should be understood by everyone at all times.

Yeah, we know it’s common sense. But people need to be reminded about common sense from time-to-time.

How many times have you done or said something that went directly against common sense? Probably many. I know I have. Did you lack common sense at the time of this action? No, it just wasn’t top-of-mind for you at the moment. So sometimes you need to be reminded about it. That’s how habits form and thoughts become internalized — you remind yourself over and over of the things you already know until they become part of your everyday personality and character. This is how it works, and it is the only way it works.

How’s that for common sense?