The Basics Exist For A Reason: You’re Not Too Big For Them

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You already know “The Basics.”

You know, stuff like working hard. Showing up every day. Being on time. Staying on top of your commitments. Believing in yourself. Doing the work even when you don’t feel like it. Setting a goal and focusing on that exclusively. Staying away from anything that won’t help you advance, using your best judgement. Find people who have a problem, solve it, and exchange money for the resolution. Give abundantly while expecting nothing in return, and the returns will flood back to you.

Nothing in the above paragraph is new information. Yet, people all over the world consistently violate these principles. And I think I’ve found one big reason why.

We all think we’re so damn smart. We all think we're so damn smart. Click To Tweet

Every person knows what the basics are, but believes their success – and only theirs – must be more complicated than that. They go searching for that bigger idea, that golden nugget that isn’t part of the basics.

Most of the time, these people never find it and die in mediocrity. A very special few, however, come to realize that the keys were hiding in plain sight the whole time.

You’re not too smart for the basics. You're not too smart for the basics. Click To Tweet

Your business isn’t too complicated for the basics.

Your life isn’t too hard for the basics.

The answers are all the stuff you already know.