Basketball Exposure Camps: What To Know [Video Series]

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These videos are a 12-part series detailing what you need to know about pro basketball exposure camps. This includes open tryouts and combines, where players gather to show their games and hope to impress a decision maker.

If your aim is to start or continue a professional basketball career, I am your source for information.

I have a 9-year career behind me, and have been to more camps than I have signed with teams! I wouldst say this is a bad or good thing; just how it happened. I went to an NCAA Division 3 school and had to work my way up form obscurity to recognition. Exposure camps are a big reason why I was able to do so.

Note: I also have a full written post on this topic here. I say some things in writing which I don’t say in video, and vice-versa. Take advantage of both posts to get all the info!



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