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Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff was to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy, for even those who are not interested in basketball.
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My basketball ability featured some God-given, talent, but not that much — I mean, I wasn’t recruited out of high school and played college basketball at the Division 3 level (read below to learn about both). My best talent is the discipline to be persistent. My game emerged from hours of blind practice, way before you could learn from some person online. 
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According to Eurobasket, there were 6,766 ex-college players playing in professional basketball leagues outside of the USA in 2018. That places in pro basketball players in the top (less than) 1% of performers in the fastest-growing sport there is.

These aren’t quite all my playing experiences; just the ones I wrote about. I will soon do a book on all my pro ball experience.
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