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Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff was to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy, for even those who are not interested in basketball.
For a full-length look into my early days in hoops, get my book “Buy A Game”; for aspiring professional players, there’s The Overseas Basketball Blueprint.   
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My basketball ability featured some God-given, talent, but not that much — I mean, I wasn’t recruited out of high school and played college basketball at the Division 3 level (read below to learn about both). My best talent is the discipline to be persistent. My game emerged from hours of blind practice, way before you could learn from some person online. 
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According to Eurobasket, there were 6,766 ex-college players playing in professional basketball leagues outside of the USA in 2018. That places in pro basketball players in the top (less than) 1% of performers in the fastest-growing sport there is.

These aren’t quite all my playing experiences; just the ones I wrote about. I will soon do a book on all my pro ball experience.
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  1. Hello Dre,

    When I am on the court playing with people who I am familiar with, I do not do well. The people who I play with don’t even put in work but I do. What is it that I need to be dominating? I do okay when I play with them. I get blocked sometimes and etc. Thank You!

  2. dre, how can i be the best player for my team? because my teammates are always nervous in games.

  3. What do I do about a politics based basketball team? I recently got cut from the basketball team after scoring 15 points and having 8 assist in the tryout game. I thought I did amazing. My handles were there my mental was there and I played a really good game. Just to be cut so they had room for the players who couldn’t be there to “tryout”. I’ve busted my butt for the past 3 years and I am an elite scorer what should I do. The aau ball is extremely expensive and I can’t afford it please help me. Because where I Come from it’s all last names

    • 1) Drop all excuses
      2) Improve your game. There are no perfect players
      3) Find a team or find a new excuse. There are thousands of basketball teams in the world. If you’re a player you’ll be playing. If you’re not out there playing no one will care about your explanations.

  4. Dre, what can i do to reduce my anxiety when i’m playing?

  5. What’s up bro I was wondering if you ever suffered from jumpers knee it’s effected my opportunitys

  6. Hey Dre, Im 17 years old Im 6’2 175 pounds. I live in Zimbabwe (but Im american) and am in contact with coaches from William and Mary as well as Boston University. My goal right now is to work everyday and just get better as well as put on some weight. I have a personal trainer helping me with explosiveness, speed and strength. I am at a “walk on” level right now for these division 1 schools but understand that I am not the only one who wishes to walk on so I need to be the top player in that aspect. As I said I want nothing more than to play in college, and although you say to take 100% credit for your own success, I wanted to say thank you because without your videos and tips I dont think I’d have the motivation and I’d be lacking guidelines. Thank you for the help and please dont stop helping kids who aspire to play at the next level whatever that may be!!!

  7. Hi Dre i’m 20yrs old first year university and planning to be tryout for the basketball team as PG what would be the best advice for me after not playing for 2yrs in order to get back on my game on a higher level to the pros afterwards. What are the most important thing i should be training for and how should i train for PG?

  8. dre, i’ve been working out at the gym getting some shots i work hard, but when i play in games, i feel like all of that workout has disappeared and i get nervous and i feel like there is no way around it, i need some advice dre.

  9. Dre, should i imitate the players is see on ballislife or nba to get better?

  10. Dre i’m 14 years old i’m going to be a freshman after the summer i’m a very talented basketball player from Macedonia 6’3 SF and i want to ask you can i go pro right after high school if a team wants me here in my country or will i need to go to college i want to do something like Brandon Jennings did go pro right after high school.

    • Filip there is only one Brandon Jennings so focus on you and not him. You’re 14 – accomplish things where you are now and worry about the pros if/when you get to that level. You must prove yourself in HS first.

  11. Dre, do you play pro basketball? because you really work hard alot for basketball and your physical abilities i just wanna know haha.

  12. dre, i’m really soft and i wanna get my body harder because my coach needs me to get in the paint to score, do you have any suggestions for me?

  13. Dre, i just appreciate you and the videos you upload on youtube, you did not only help me physically, but mentally, and nobody in youtube gives motivation than you are. Keep up the good work.

  14. how can i be as strong as lebron james? i’m 14 and i want to be as strong like him but how? do i need to play basketball everyday?

  15. Dre, how can i become quicker and more aggresive i’m a little fat but how can i train to be quicker? any suggestions?