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Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff was to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy, for even those who are not interested in basketball.
For a full-length look into my early days in hoops, get my book “Buy A Game”; for aspiring professional players, there’s The Overseas Basketball Blueprint.   
For all the info you need to start your own career, go to the Athletes page here
My basketball ability featured some God-given, talent, but not that much — I mean, I wasn’t recruited out of high school and played college basketball at the Division 3 level (read below to learn about both). My best talent is the discipline to be persistent. My game emerged from hours of blind practice, way before you could learn from some person online. 
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According to Eurobasket, there were 6,766 ex-college players playing in professional basketball leagues outside of the USA in 2018. That places in pro basketball players in the top (less than) 1% of performers in the fastest-growing sport there is.

These aren’t quite all my playing experiences; just the ones I wrote about. I will soon do a book on all my pro ball experience.
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  1. Hello Dre,

    When I am on the court playing with people who I am familiar with, I do not do well. The people who I play with don’t even put in work but I do. What is it that I need to be dominating? I do okay when I play with them. I get blocked sometimes and etc. Thank You!

  2. dre, how can i be the best player for my team? because my teammates are always nervous in games.

  3. What do I do about a politics based basketball team? I recently got cut from the basketball team after scoring 15 points and having 8 assist in the tryout game. I thought I did amazing. My handles were there my mental was there and I played a really good game. Just to be cut so they had room for the players who couldn’t be there to “tryout”. I’ve busted my butt for the past 3 years and I am an elite scorer what should I do. The aau ball is extremely expensive and I can’t afford it please help me. Because where I Come from it’s all last names

    • 1) Drop all excuses
      2) Improve your game. There are no perfect players
      3) Find a team or find a new excuse. There are thousands of basketball teams in the world. If you’re a player you’ll be playing. If you’re not out there playing no one will care about your explanations.

  4. Dre, what can i do to reduce my anxiety when i’m playing?

  5. What’s up bro I was wondering if you ever suffered from jumpers knee it’s effected my opportunitys

  6. Hey Dre, Im 17 years old Im 6’2 175 pounds. I live in Zimbabwe (but Im american) and am in contact with coaches from William and Mary as well as Boston University. My goal right now is to work everyday and just get better as well as put on some weight. I have a personal trainer helping me with explosiveness, speed and strength. I am at a “walk on” level right now for these division 1 schools but understand that I am not the only one who wishes to walk on so I need to be the top player in that aspect. As I said I want nothing more than to play in college, and although you say to take 100% credit for your own success, I wanted to say thank you because without your videos and tips I dont think I’d have the motivation and I’d be lacking guidelines. Thank you for the help and please dont stop helping kids who aspire to play at the next level whatever that may be!!!

  7. Hi Dre i’m 20yrs old first year university and planning to be tryout for the basketball team as PG what would be the best advice for me after not playing for 2yrs in order to get back on my game on a higher level to the pros afterwards. What are the most important thing i should be training for and how should i train for PG?

  8. dre, i’ve been working out at the gym getting some shots i work hard, but when i play in games, i feel like all of that workout has disappeared and i get nervous and i feel like there is no way around it, i need some advice dre.

  9. Dre, should i imitate the players is see on ballislife or nba to get better?

  10. Dre i’m 14 years old i’m going to be a freshman after the summer i’m a very talented basketball player from Macedonia 6’3 SF and i want to ask you can i go pro right after high school if a team wants me here in my country or will i need to go to college i want to do something like Brandon Jennings did go pro right after high school.

    • Filip there is only one Brandon Jennings so focus on you and not him. You’re 14 -- accomplish things where you are now and worry about the pros if/when you get to that level. You must prove yourself in HS first.

  11. Dre, do you play pro basketball? because you really work hard alot for basketball and your physical abilities i just wanna know haha.

  12. dre, i’m really soft and i wanna get my body harder because my coach needs me to get in the paint to score, do you have any suggestions for me?

  13. Dre, i just appreciate you and the videos you upload on youtube, you did not only help me physically, but mentally, and nobody in youtube gives motivation than you are. Keep up the good work.

  14. how can i be as strong as lebron james? i’m 14 and i want to be as strong like him but how? do i need to play basketball everyday?

  15. Dre, how can i become quicker and more aggresive i’m a little fat but how can i train to be quicker? any suggestions?

  16. Dre, i don’t know why but when i play basketball with someone i’m scared of i feel weak and hopeless and i feel like i’m never gonna win.

  17. Dre, i really like stephen curry he is my favorite player and i want to play like him, does imitating somebody play will make me worse or make me better?

  18. Dre, When I’m Playing On The Floor I Worry Too Much like i cannot even make the shots that is easy for me to make before i cannot focus on the game and i feel like the opponent is better than me and stronger than me though i work hard i feel like the opponent is still better than me though i practice in the court for so many hours.

  19. Dre, My cousin is 5’11 and and he has psychological problems like depression and overthinking, do you think he still gonna make it in basketball?

    • Whether he makes it or not is not based on what anyone thinks other than the player himself. Not me or you or anyone else.

  20. Yo dre, im 14 years old and i’m having trouble with my shooting they say i shoot like just throwing the ball at the rim and i tried to change it but i miss on the sides, any tips?

  21. Hi Dre . I am 14 years old and I am in 8th grade and a lot of my friends tell me my jumpshot is weird but its comfortable to me I really want to make it look better because I don’t want to go to high school and embarrass myself do you have any drills to help me find a more comfortable and better looking jumpshot

  22. Wassup Dre my name is Donnie and I played one year of College ball I couldn’t return because of a financial jame I still play in leagues and do pretty well in most of them and work out pretty often but I feel like my career is at a dead end road I was wondering what do you think should be my next step as far as taking my career pro ?

  23. hey Dre i just wanted to ask you how i could get my name out to D1 schools like duke or kansas because i go to a small high school in vancouver canada

  24. Dre what vertical excersises like plyos and things like that did you do will u worked out

  25. I seen your eurobasket link for the pro camps, and then I read about you talking about avoiding camps that don’t put proper time into websites/returning emails etc.. I’m just curious, in all your experiences, whats the absolute BEST country to play pro (in your opinion) and the BEST website to find such quality camps? Thanks.

    • Just curious huh…

      I haven’t played in every country (I talked abut every place I’ve been on this website) so I couldn’t tell you which is best and every team/league is unique. So any player has a unique situation for themselves. Camps can be researched via Eurobasket or a simple Google search. I do not endorse any camp and final decision will be up to that player.
      And as I say on this site, pro bball is for adults — you are 100% on your own in both decisions and outcomes. Aside from what you read on my Guides & Tips page, I offer zero recommendations for what any player should do.

  26. Hey Dre, im 14 and I just wanna thank you for giving me a boost to go out everyday to practice and become a better me! I started giving up because I was to small and weak but who am I to quit, I wont go anywhere with that mentality. Im going to try to be the best I can be and surpass my goals. Ill miss 100% of the shots ill never take.
    Thanks, Brandon

  27. Have you played basketball for 10000 hours or more? That is, according to Malcolm Gladwell, the amt of time it takes to become an expert at something.

  28. Dre, I am a current senior at Metro State University looking to play pro after this season and there is no plan B for me. Like you I am going to build my career coming from a Top D2 school. I had a question about going to camps in Europe and how to find them. I am going to attend the camp in Slovenia and I am really looking into attending the camp in Pula, Croatia that you talked about on your website. So my question is ” how do you find out where these camps are located in Europe ?, which ones are good ones to attend ? And how you know there good ones to attend ?

    • I was about to reply until I saw you left this same comment on three IG photos and on Facebook. What the fuck is wrong with you? Spamming is the wrong way to get help from me. And the answer to your question is already on this website. Read it.

  29. Dre I respect you like crazy after I failed the basketball team in 8th I decided to get better and I did ive been practicing for 8 months and have done so much better then I usually did mainly because of your videos. Im going to try for my 9th grade team I hope I make it so wish me luck. Also could u put more videos on move to do during basketball games so I could use them in my Arsenal. Thanks dre u thought me alot

    • Thanks and good luck. I have posted over 3,000 drills on YouTube — it’s your job to do the work not just watch videos and ask for vids. Do the work if you want the skills

  30. Hey Dre you have an inspiring story. Right now I play division three basketball for a school in NY called Mount Saint Vincent after playing two years of juco ball in Arizona. I had a pretty good year this last year I averaged 15 pts and 6rbs and I was second team all conference but I tore my acl in open gym after the season. I am going to red shirt this next year and after that I will have one more year left. Do you have any advice for me as to how to get my foot in the door to play overseas and how you dealt with all the nonbelievers? Thank you for your time and good luck in your career.

  31. yo dre, im 15 im not going to tell you my whole life story or anything but its 90% just like yours… And i wanted to know, Is it a good idea to play angry? On one hand your agressive and hustling, on the other your stupid and O.C, Btw i seriously love everything you do, keep up the great work Youre like ultimate coach for players all over the world! *Respect

    • Hi and thanks. I can’t tell you how to feel while you’re playing; you have to decide what works beat for you. Every human is wired differently and we all react differently to things, so what you feel is not exactly the same as what anyone else feels.

  32. Hey dre can you do me a favor And give me the link of videos of ball handling drills i should do everyday? If you can do that then that would be great.

  33. Hey dre i have a question how often do you work on ya handles ? How many days of the week u work on your handles?

  34. dreallday iwant to ask did back muscle affects on basketball shot ( Lose precision) ??

  35. Hey Dre. I’m a pretty skinny 5’9″ 135lb 15 year old freshman. With summer, i figured this is the perfect time to start really working. I’ve been running ~3 hours a week and playing pickup games ~7 hours a week.

    Which should i focus more on, running, lifting, or playing? Also, what did you do to step your game up another level that I can do also?

    Thanks man, keep working and putting up vids. I’ll be watching you in the NBA one day, no doubt. Stay patient, God has something great in store for you!

    • Set your goals, prioritize, then execute. Your job to figure this out for your game. Good luck and thanks

  36. whats up dre im a 12 year old 5-11 center i weigh 230 pounds i am a shooter and a post player. some people sed a good role model for me is hakem olujawon carlos boozer and zach randolph who do you think is the best role model is for me

  37. I’m a skinny 5’9 15 year old hoping to improve my game, be the PG for my varsity team and win a state title for my school and just maybe play college ball. I’m wanting to work on everything in the game of basketball and summer is coming up and I’ll be outta school in a week. How many hrs do you recommend I should practice each day this summer to achieve these goals?

    • Proper question: How many hours are you willing to put in to do all you aim to do? You don’t have to tell me the answer — just do it.

  38. Thank you for your help, my basketball skills have improved a lot since I started watching your videos and learning from them.

  39. Hey Dre what’s up? Believe it or not I stumble on to your website after I Google “Finley Rec”. I’m glad to hear all is well and that you are doing great things.
    Marvin DeBose

  40. watsup dre,
    yes this is a pretty standard thankyou message, but everybody else has said on comments everything that i would say, thanks for my improvement in handle etc. so i wont repeat what everyone else has already said
    ive been away for a while and after signing the petition #sign dre
    i missed out on whats been going on, are you playing for a team?
    what league level are you currently at
    are u good enough for D -- League, College Div 1
    Div 2 Europe etc
    are you still interested in playing pro?

    • Hello and thanks! I am glad to have helped you in any way. Check through my blogs, YouTube channel and the #SignDreBaldwin page for updates on me. Stay tuned for more.

  41. When did you realize you wanted to go pro? Also how often did you practice on school days and how did you practice?

  42. I always wanted to ask you this question did you play High School basketball back in the day?

  43. Hey dre can you give me a list of ball handling drills i should be doing everyday to get my handles good .

  44. Hey dre i need some advice. When i do my ball handling workouts or any other type of workout i tend to quit when i get tired do you have any advice to help me keep pushin myself because i keep quittin when i try to do a hard workout

  45. Hey dre when i do speed dribbles i struggle to keep count, do u have a technique or method to keep up or do I just get used to it

  46. Dre You Are My Mentor && Inspiration. I Look Up To You, I Wanna Be Like You! Also I Appreciate all the Videos You put out there. They Really helped Me out !!! I jus wanted you to know that.

  47. Hey Dre, can you give me some free exercise, that improve my vertical? and as a 6’7 guy, i need some good post moves,can you give me some drills?

  48. Hey Dre, I am trying to play high school ball junior year(got cut twice) and I have a great jumper and can do everything, but im slow at dribbling. can you do me a favor and give me a link to speed dribbling drills?

  49. I’m 6 ft 3in and can dunk and i have good post moves. Im also a good shot blocker, but sometimes i seem to get fooled by the pump fake. How could I get better at being more under control and relax on the basketball court?

  50. Hi, Dre i wanted to know could you help me get a killer crossover like chris paul and jamal crawford.

  51. Hey dre i have a problem i need some advice its my senior year of basketball and i play varsity . MY position is Sg because i have a nice shot also i have alittle handle but when i dribble my team mates make fun of me because when i dribble i look stiff and also they tell me when i dribble it looks ugly . I do alot of dribbling drills everyday whn i get out of practice and i still dribble ugly can u please give me some good advice for my dribbling not to look ugly or stiff

    • What is important is the functional result of your dribbling. Is your dribbling effective? Do you get to where you want to go with your dribble to make the necessary play? If so then there is nothing that needs to be changed. Your teammates laughing at you or saying something is “ugly” doesn’t necessarily mean “ineffective.” I have seen many a good player with some “ugly” techniques in his/her game, and results speak for themselves. This is basketball, not a fashion show.

      • My dribbling is effective sometimes and sometimes i get no where when i dribble but i am tired of people laughin at the way i dribble but thank for the advice you are right this is basketball not a fashion show .

  52. Hey dre, Im playing basketball this year at small forward and because im at a small school, Im playing small forward at 5″10 140. What exactly should I work on to play the position at the Varsity level in High school.

  53. Hi Dre, i have been having a hard time with playing basketball for a few hours to all day. I love the game. Do you have any suggestions at what I could do?

  54. Hey Dre, I’m a PG for my team and basically the only one that plays it, so the other teams always seem to have this strategy of running “press” on me, by that I mean having a player punching and elbowing my stomach, pushing me, slapping my hands while I’m dribbling, scratching and stuff like that the whole game, but the refs never call a foul. So I’m wondering if you have any tips on how to play against something like that?

    • Just play the game. If you focus on what they are doing and the refs and your complaints you will not be focused on your game. The human mind can only focus on one object at a time. Do what you need to do.

      • I get you, but I really couldn’t do what I need to do because I was almost throwing up because of the punches and stuff, my team needed me to score but I wasn’t able to even get shots or sometimes even the ball, I’ll try to keep my focus next time though. Thanks dre.

        • You’re either 1) Making excuses for your poor performance or 2) Exaggerating what is happening to you. There is no punching in basketball, especially with referees (unless you’re playing in a jailhouse bball league). I have been on teams for which I was the top scoring option, and had games where I didn’t deliver my best. I didn’t blame my opponent’s physical play or anything else outside of myself on my performance though, and that’s what you’re doing. If you’re throwing up get off the court and go lay down. If the game is too physical for you go sit on the bench and let someone else play. If you do what you’re supposed to do there is no need for excuse or explanation.

          • Okay, maybe I’m making excuses, but I tried playing physical on defense like they were playing me, but every single touch was a foul, 2 teammates fouled out because of fouls like hitting the opponents hand while they were shooting, while the other team also did this and more, and there were no fouls.

  55. Hey Dre I love your site. I work on your drills all the time to be the best I can be. I’m 13 and am only 4’6. I’m a pretty good shooter and an average ball handler. Me being my size i have to be a terrific ball handler to start or get some playing time. I struggle the most on bringing the ball up the court on the fast break. Do you have any tips on how to bring the ball up the court full speed. Keep it up!

  56. hey dre i need help i dont know what to do . i do not suck at basketball i am actaully good but i dnt start and also at practice i would do way better then them but he would still not start me and also he only plays 5 people for the whole game so idk wat to do.i feel like quitting the team because i dont start and its my senior year but also i am thinking of transferring to a different school so what should i do idk should i stay or leave .

    • I’m not making that choice for you. It’s your life you have to think and decide things for yourself and live with the decisions. However, if you are good you would be playing in the games.

  57. Hey Dre, i have started playing basketball little under 2 years ago now and i am in a division 1 basketball team. i am 6’4 and currently a big man but moving up to an under 18’s team next season where i will be a guard, i have realised i am alot skinnier than the under 18’s who are ripped with muscle, but i live a very long way from a gym and i don’t have much transportation. i run every day, i shoot every day all to start becoming a guard but i have no access to weights. what can i do instead to get ready for the next season?

  58. hey dre i just wanted to know how can i fix my problem i do dribbling drills everyday and also two ball dribbling but no matter what i still dribble sloppy . like when i dribble or try to put between the legs and stuff it looks ugly how can i fix that ???

    • Practice more, and get in the frame of mind of the best ball handlers you know of or watch, as if you were them. That should help.

  59. Hey Dre,
    I hit my growth spurt my senior year of high school and i’m now 6’7 with much better athletisism. I have really developed a passion and love for the game and I want to play at my local college. Your videos have been helping me improve my game in so many ways but do you know if there is anything specific that the coaches and scouts will be looking for in a forward in a small college program?

  60. Thanks alot for this site Dre. I started basketball last year during a league and only scored two points, and ever since then I wanted to play more. your videos are inspiring and the stories on here are great. I just read about all of them and the Mexico one was great and I’m watching your vid on how to be confident. I do your daily dribbling workout, workout, and go to the gym and play. this season Im trying out for my school and I’m working hard to make it, thanks for all the great videos and tips!

  61. Hey Dre i have a question im 16 year old but i am not currently playing on any aau teams but i do have a trainer and i do practice everyday but do you think me not playing on any aau team is going to affect my game ?

    • It’s your game, and you have a trainer, so you and your trainer know much more about your game than me. If you are concerned about AAU then play AAU. If not then don’t.

  62. Hey Dre, does it matter what size basketball you practice with because im using a 28.5 ncaa ball, will that affect my shot when i player with bigger size basketball’s?

  63. hey dre can you tell me if i should dribble with my fingers or entire hand

  64. Hey DRE!
    THANKS a lot to you! I’m practising my left/weak hand. I download ur video so that wherever i go, i can follow those drills.


  65. Hey Dre,im a streaky shooter and need to work on Crossover any ideas to help out? and I play pg people think I could do better at sg but I really like to make plays at Point I’m 5’5 So should I move to Sg Or Prove Everybody Wrong At Pg?

  66. Hey Dre, you’re the man and an absolute inspiration to me. I recently did’nt make the basketball team after a great offseason of working and training, I simply wasn’t good enough and that is totally in my court. I’ve continued to work and you have definantly inspired me, and pushed me to a level higher than I thought attainable. Your skills videos are great, but you have this special motivational way about you when you create “Life” videos. These videos make an untalented baller like me believe in himself, and outwork those around him. I’m 16 years old and a Junior in highschool, I started playing the game last year. Garbage. Terrible. Should just quit the game. I’ve never been athletic, or good at sports for the most part. People’s perception of me was quite negative to be honest, but I worked my ass off when no one was looking. When no one cared to look, I was in my driveway grinding it out, learning from you and other mentors such as my father. I ended up outworking and beating most of my friends that I played with, and against many’s opinions I tried out. I obviously failed, but due to your presence and my father’s. I am undeterred. I will continue to train every day, lifting, playing studying, learning, and working. I will continue to aspire to be a school team caliber player. With only senior year left I will try out for the varsity team for the second time, and hope to have one statement year. You are an inspiration, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to help out players like me. I will remain undeterred and driven to have an oppurtunity to play in this league until it is over, as I hope you will to. Never quit on the NBA, I will never quit on Varsity.

    Thank you.

  67. so i practice jumpshots and everything monday through friday and train in the house every weekend. yesterday i played 5 on 5 and my stamina killed me and my legs got tired early. Then just this morning, i played another 5 on 5 and i was running all the time and i was not tired after the game and played another. my question is, how do i get to this kind of body condition every time?

  68. Hey, I’ve been struggling with my jump shot during my games. I practice forever in gym and nail them left and right. For some reason though my focus isn’t on my shot when I shoot in my games, it’s on the person in front of me. Got any mental tips for me not to keep getting psyched out?

    • Blake, I have this same problem as well. I’ve been able to overcome it to some extent by practicing game situation shooting. Practice coming off a screen and pulling up to shoot. Catch the ball in triple threat position, shot fake then drive to the basket. Practice dre’s cross-over move to create space then shoot. Practice dribbling to your right/left then shooting off the dribble. Also, you need to be able to quickly bend your knees when shooting as if a defender is coming at you to block your shot. I see about 0 % of players practicing this type of shooting at the gym, Usually dudes just practice uncontested jump shots.

      Also consider a short jog, 2 miles maybe to warm your body up. Loosen the nerves.

  69. hey dre, sup?
    i just wanted to ask u about vertical…. i’m about 5’11 and i’m really wanna dunk it u know… i berly get the ring, sow now there is nothing to talk about dunking….
    sow what do u think? what is the best vertical drill? how much time it takes to see a REAL advance?

  70. Dre, I’ve seen your game its sick but I need help on driving to the basket. I get scared because I’m afraid that I might get hurt and not play anymore. I want to get over that because I want to be the best on my team.

  71. hello, im from indonesian… i want to ask… how to practice hand to the best playmaker…. may be like ricky rubio…. thanks….

  72. have you made a video doing the sky hook that the great Kareem and Magic Johnson did. if not do you have it in your repertoire?you should make one if you haven’t. Big ups on the website too hope to see you make the NBA soon.

  73. hey dre i just wanted to ask if u have a video about how u shoot or Correct shooting form and realize, because i have seen so many vids about the forms and arc, but i want to see the way u shoot so if u have a vid can u give me the link THx!!

  74. dre do you hold camps cuz im trying to get in shape and need to work on my left for freshmen basketball right now i need to work on my left but know one can help me

  75. If I wanted to go pro later in life, do I need an agent to make it happen? In other words, if I was finally good enough to make it to any professional ranks, would I have to get an agent to make the deal for me? How does someone get an agent? How did you get yours, if you don’t mind me asking? I know I asked a lot, but really appreciate your time answering to all your fans!

  76. hey dre, i watchd ur highlight videos,ur a real smart player how do u improve ur mental game nd ur shot selection like that? cus im a pretty good shooter, last season as a freshman i scored 60points worth or 3pointers. but most of them wer of a pass. wat drills should i do to improve my shot selection nd creating space to shoot of the dribble?

  77. Hey Dre , i was just wondering if you were ever going to come down to Australia and play some ball down here ,The Melbourne Tigers could really use your skill , but good luck with your basketball career , and by the way , you videos are amazing , people shouldn’t be lazy and actually type in youtube : Dre Baldwin ( and what they want to learn) easiest way

    Thanks for everything Mr.Bladwin

  78. Yo Dre, I have a question what do you think about guards with post game ??? I mean I’m 6’1 215lbs and not really athletic,although I can reach the rim and surprisingly good stamina and speed, I don’t have problems driving to the rim and shooting outside,but a lot of people tell me I’d play better if I lost weight but I just can’t. I’m 17 and I’ve had this problem since i was about 7…I’m good down low, I have good positioning but I get to the rim as if I’m not that big, I also have great touch around the basket and get and one’s easy worked on my handles for more intensely for 2 years and I’ve been playing for 5 years , so what do I do? when I play guys my age I straight up dominate and sometimes a big role when i play older guys weight is actually my advantage but, so i go to the post should i keep doing that ?? sorry for the long ass reply

  79. hey dre
    i was wondering how do i get more arch on my shot
    when i shoot a three pointer sometimes my arch is not enough. and also how do i increase my shooting range? thanks.

  80. hey dre,
    im left handed and i drive in pretty easy with my left hand
    but when i use my right hand its kind of harder because i get cut off more easy when i drive to my right. is there any thing i can do to fix that?

  81. sup, so i’ve been practitcing four hours daily and i’ve got my shots down and my driving but i dont know how to gain quicknes in handling. i’ve tried fundmentals. i’ve gotten descent results from that but not what im aiming for. any tips?thnxs a lot.

  82. Hey thanks dre imma go out to see if i will make the team and if i dont that just means i need to work harder and step my game.

  83. Hey dre i am 14 and going into my freshman year and i dont know if i will make the team do still go out for the team just see will i or wait till next season and take this year to train and get better

  84. hey dre,
    how do i get an explosive crossover?
    i practice my dribble a lot but my crossover is average speed, it’s not fast or slow.

  85. hey dre,
    does hard work really beat talent?
    i’ve been working hard but not getting the results i wanted
    kind of disappointing

  86. Dre,how many days in week do you have conditioning training(speed,quickness,strength…)?

  87. also im left handed and im a slasher
    whenever i want to drive the ball to my left i feel like there’s a big gap
    but when i wanna drive right it feels like there’s no space, sometimes i get cut off in the paint by the defender
    and i practice my dribbling 2 hands
    any advice?

  88. hey dre
    i just made it to my school’s team but i’m not really used to their defensive intensity
    what can i do to be more comfortable to score and etc

  89. hey dre
    i meant like drive in anytime i want to
    like lebron
    do i just need dribbling skills, or do i also need speed, power, and bounce?

  90. hey dre
    i was wondering how do i drive in on zone defense at will
    and i’ve been working out for about 1 year ( i stopped for like 2 or 3 month cause i injured my wrist) but my muscles aren’t getting bigger. any advice for me?

  91. Sup Dre, now im totally into basketball, been playing since i was very young, but sadly im 15 and only at like 5’4 -- 5’5 now, you might think i shouldnt even play but i have a really good shot since ive been playing so long, my question is, if im a good shooter but cant shoot over really tall D how can i get around this?

    oh and also obviously it would be to go around them but if this wasnt possible, say.. because i was shooting from under the basket, how would i do it?

  92. hello Dre ! I’am basketball player ,14 years old and my life is basketball . My dreams are NBA so I’m working out those days with couch at local gym preparing for next season. I realy wanna play this game forever . This year i will go to high school in slovenia becuse I’am slovenian. I picked up school with basketball league and fitness and own gym . In Slovenia is not usuall to have high school with all this and I’am in a basketball club , so i will play and work in school and i will play and work for my b- club too. But in my maind is college becuse lots of people after college went to NBA. So in another 4 years i will work hard and try to get there. But how can I found the right college where i will play minumum 20 minutes , there is lot of guy special at my position -PG …..i don’t want to sit on the bench and watch guys who are playing my game and i’m asking you where is the limet i am working hard every day for 6 hours where is the limet , is the sky the limet?…and i have problems with weight I’m muscular but no so strong to finish 3 point play if it were not be so good at the free throw i will be in problems … can i get weight , and i’m traing too eat a lot traing with proteins and all that staff it helps me but not a lot ……….thanks for your time you are the best ….. NEJC FROM SLOVENIA *

  93. Hey Dre, what your take on playing basketball with low tops because i see so many people wear em nd im like how isnt ur ankle broken.

  94. Hey Dre, you are great man!Can you tell me, is jump rope increasing your vertical jump?

  95. Hey Dre Do You Ice Your Knees or Ankles EveryDay Or Is It A Only Do it When Injured Thing For U?

  96. Yo dre its Ethan, just got my flight details , leaving to australia this sunday, wish me luck man, i noticed that you tried out for dleague, and i also would like to get my feet wet in the dleague or nba summer league later on, and was just curious as to how exclusive the tryout was and if it was fairly easier or somewhat strict to get accepted to the camp, maybe you dont even know the answer to that but im sure you could judge the level of acceptance by the overall competition level of the camp and i was just wondering if theres dudes that just pay to go to the camps that can’t really hoop, or if every one there is legit, holler at me, peace.

    • hope u do well in Australia! things change in the dleague from year to year and it’s the 2nd league to the NBA so not it is not easy (relatively speaking). who get accepted and how i do not know, that’s the decision of the ppl in the league

  97. Man it’s not Croatia and montenegro its serbia and montenegro
    P.S. That country(serbia and montenegro) stop existing in 2006 so there are 2 independent countries serbia and montenegro, and are you in summer leauge this year

  98. Dre I Was Lookin For That Air Alert 3 Video U Posted But They Banned It Could you Send That Video To My Email so I Could Watch It

  99. thanks dre for the vids,
    just finished playing my game my stats where in 2 halves 20 mins running clock were:
    16points, 7 assists and 3 steals

    thanks dre for the vids and the help

  100. hey dree,,

    i would like to thank u personally for all these vids on posting ure workouts!!! u have made me lost 18kgs in 4 months thank u soo much!!!

    I was just wondering ive got skills, but my mentality is killing me, my coach keeps telling me to be agressive but something keeps holding me back, i hestiate in games when i know i can make that shot.
    Was just wondering if u van give me some advice on mentality?

  101. zup dre??

    just want to ask something about my knee.
    every time I play hard it became weaker a little bit and limits my moves, especially in pull up jumpers and in crossovers.

    what do you think I should do with it?

    thanks man, your videos really helps me to improve my game.

    God bless!!

  102. Hey dre. What up? Have seen many of ur Vids and learned a lot from them. I keep practising though. But now I wanna jump high and Dunk. I’m 6ft and I can’t even touch the Rim. Any exercises? And are there any workouts for increasing my stamina. At starting I play to 100%, but then I loose out all the energy. Please Help.

    Thanks bro

  103. What basketball drills do coaches have players do in the open tryouts in order to make the team in the pro leagues. Please answer my question? Thanks!

    • play in live 5x5 games. different places have different drills they may do; no certain drills are guaranteed anywhere.

  104. What up Dre i been working on my fucking game and putting in work and ive seen improvment in my defense from when i asked u abt it abt a month ago lol i was playing in a pickup game and i was bringing the ball up the court jab stepped in got the defender off balanced and pulled up for the shot it went nd and i shouted HAND DOWN MAN DOWN hahaha i saw it off one of ur other vids but you have inspired me to take my game from being good to great i wasnt really gunna work on my body this summer but that live this summer or die summer has made me work hard and i been starting my off season workout already thanks for all ur help and i hope to see u in the league and be able to play against u one day

  105. Hey Dre,

    Just wanted to say keep posting vids, keep working hard and best of luck in your basketball career. I watch all your vids and you really inspire me. You’re my role model and i would like to thank you because i wouldn’t be working as hard as i am today if it wasn’t for your vids and motivation.

    I hope to go D1 in basketball and i am preparing for my junior year in high school. I would like to thank you for everything you’ve posted. I’ll always be following you so keep updating the site!!

  106. wats gud dre. i am trying to become a better pointguard but one of the problems i face is my foot-work. do u have any drills i can do to help me with that?? (without all the fancy gadgets)

  107. Hey Dre ive been working on my fucking game but i wanted ur input on the AA program do you think its a good program i wanted to know some stuff about it before i go threw with the program ive been reading up on it and stuff and i wanted to know from someone who has actually used it

  108. Hey Dre i was wondering if u ever had ur knee drained and if u have does it hurt because i have had knee pain for a while nd i might need my knee drained so i wanna prepare myself for it

  109. Hey Dre i been watchin ur vids for some time now and i was wondering if u could put something up for defense and being quick while playing on the ball defense im 14 6’0 -- 6’1 and i play from a small forward to a center. Im offensly gifted and one of the best offensive player around where i live my fault is im slow on defense so defenders get past me way to easy.if you could post something on that i’d greatlly appreciate it .

  110. i think i was trying to ask a question but it didnt come out right because i was frustrated and trying to get help. after watching your vids and doing some thinking i relized that i just need to work on my game (like you always say). Sorry for the confusion im not tryin to waste your time. thanks

  111. its time to get a new agent! ur too good not to be playing pro or kids and i love ur vids!

    • thanks i appreciate thtat you like the vids. you dontknow enough ahout how things work in this biz to make that stmt but i understand where u are coming from

  112. hey dre i after practice today i noticed i need to be more confident on the court. sorry for not being specific.

  113. Hey dre i am 16 an i have a physical disability but still play ball, i was wondering if you could help me be more efficeint on offense. i set tons of screens but never find the ball.

  114. to Jaquan no, i got a contract with the dba, darwin basketball association, they are contending for a spot in the aba, if i do good there my agent thinks i can break into the aba, hopefully the SEABL, and from there i want to play in the NBL, hope this helps, australia wrote an article about it. here is the link below. OH and thanks for the input dre, yah leaving something to the imagination defenitely makes it more fun. peace.

  115. @ethan Kennedy don’t worry australians are friendly and Australia is a great country I’m sure I’d have fun I know this because I’m Aussie I hope thishelps and don’t forget to watch an AFL match try to watch St.kilda play because they the best same goes for dre anyway best of luck 4 ur basketball and just wondering Stan did you get a contract to an bbl team?

  116. no doubt, im leavin in june so i will let you know, and i read your overseas blog about power outlets, do you know where i can get a foreign outlet adapter? what else should i be prepared for, or bring before its to late.any input is appreciated, take care.

    • try Wal-mart or Target. if not there they are sold when u get there or at the airports. be prepared for anything — not knowing exactly what will happen is part of the fun so just have an open mind and enjoy it!

  117. i also do a lot of web design, being that im a graphic design major, if you have any questions i could probly help you out, i know you like to manage ur site independently but i would be glad to answer any web design questions. your video interface looks great man, like how you divided it into categories.take care.

  118. Just wanted to ask a couple of questions when you have the time but didn’t want to post them on your wall…how do I send you a message?

  119. hey dre its me again, i was just wondering i need help on my fastbreak layups for some reason i miss them i dnt know why what drills would help me with that?

  120. Hey dre
    I was wondering if my workouts are good enough to improve myself
    here’s what i do:

    Right hand x25
    Middle x25
    Left Hand x25
    George Mikan Drill x25
    Pull ups
    Between Legs Left + Right x25
    Behind Back Left + Right x25
    In and out Left + Right x25
    Crossover x25
    Jab Step fake Left + Right x25
    Shooting of screens x25
    Tear Drops x25
    3’s x100
    free throw x100

  121. Thanks man, ill defenitely keep you posted, having a profile on eurobasket really helped me out.Was wondering if you have any tips or words of advice before i go, im always tryin to soak up knowledge from people that been there before.thanks.

  122. Hello,

    I wonder if you can give me some tips on Jump Throw.Se can, thank you!
    I pitch well (free throws), but when I try to jump and arrmessar I end up atrapalhando.Bem, I think I esot making the jump correctly, because the pitch … I think not.

    So was wondering if you can give me some tips on the pitch.


    Congratulations on your dedication to basketball, she is really working ^^

  123. Just signed a deal with team in Australia, wish me luck, and ill keep u posted. Check out my site again brah, i updated it. and im gonna start putting vids of my spring trainin up there. holla at ur boy, peace.

  124. Ayo dre can u put up a vid on how to the pro-hop step. every vid i watch has a travel in it. ur vids are gud by the way

  125. Hey dre, i’m only 14 and i’m really working hard to get good enough to hopefully oneday make it in the NBA. people always tell me i can’t but i keep striving. I was wondering, do you have any suggestions on what to work on and workouts to do? i watch your youtube videos for workouts and i do that, but i want to know if you have any specific workout plans or stuff like that to build a basketball body.
    thanks for your time bro.
    your great

  126. Dre,
    I’m 5’11 and got mad hops. i can jump off of two feet under the rim and grab the rim with both hands. but i not able to dunk the ball because i’m not able to palm the ball. any advice, thanks.

  127. Hey Dre
    thanks for posting all your dribbling videos and they’ve been helping a lot but i have a question
    would it help your dribbling in terms of protecting the ball and getting by people by getting stronger? or does it slow you down?

    • everyone’s body is different so what works forone person may or may not work for another. try things out and see how it does fr you!

  128. What up dre I’m 13 love basketball real good I play aau basketball in cincinnati ohio and school basketball at winton woods middle. In school basketball we went bac to bac champs, but anough of dat I got a question to ask u. Some times I come off a 20 point game hit most of my shots then on some day I’m just not hitting like other days. Do you have days lik that? And how do you stay consistant?hahaha 1 more question what was your game high in points? If you remember

  129. thanks man, appreciate the input, keep in touch, and ill hit u up with a question if somethin comes to mind in the future. appreciate u taken the time to reach out and checkin it out.take care. god bless.

  130. whats up man, i finally got my highlight vid on my website, and im workin on gettin full games on there, i wanted to get some feed back, you can see it at youtube, just type ethan kennedy college basketball highlights, or you can go to my website at, any input is appreciated, thanks man, keep in touch.

  131. i have seen it but how long do i have do that exercise for before it effect my vertical ?
    thanks alot anyway 🙂

  132. Dre mate im about 6 foot and im about 75kg
    what can i do to improve my vertical leap so i can touch the ring at least ?

  133. good look, i know netscouts is having an exposure camp in new york so im gonna check that out.Eurobasket always has good stuff on their. thanks man, can’t wait to get signed man, its all bout how bad u want it, appreciate the help. god bless.

  134. whats good, I played two years of d 1 ball at coppin state and im a senior at d2 felician college this year. i really want to pursue basketball overseas and believe i have the talent to do so. i just wanted to ask you how u got started and what u recommend. i am in the process of putting videos on my website and trying to put a portfolio together, i wanted to know if overseas exposure camps are worth the time, or if i should just focus on using game film and networking to try to get myself out there. thanks for ur time man, any input is appreciated. godbless.

    • what up. since you have film you can use that to get out to people, and attend camps to have them see you firsthand — yes they are worth it, if you really want interested parties to see you with their own eyes. has a complete list of camps, as well as their own camp in the summer.

  135. Hey
    So… you’ll travel from country to country and play in different teams? Do you want to sign a contract or just you’re not good enough? I saw couple of your vid, you can easily fit in European basketball. Or you just want to gain some experience a try make it to the NBA? I hope you can understand what I said :). Peace

  136. yo, DRE wassup i have been trying to dunk a basketball. im 5,11 and can only touch the ring. my friends say i lack explosion. im very comfused at the moment and i donno any workouts that i can do to increase my jump

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