Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff is to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy for even those who are not interested in basketball. For a full-length look into my early days in hoops, get my book “Buy A Game” (free PDF — File –> Save/Save As… and it’s yours). 

My basketball ability features some God-given talent but not that much — I mean, I played Division 3 college basketball and wasn’t recruited out of high school (read below to learn about that) — my best talent is persistence. My game comes from hours of practicing, period.

Basketball is what I do most — whether it be playing, working out, training players, posting video, taking photos, writing about the game… you get the point. I diversify into other arenas and do a myriad of other things, and basketball is my passion. The competition and the long-time aspect of improving and beating my peers is what I love most about it; these aspects can also be found in other vocations, which is why I know I won’t be sitting on my hands when I’m done playing the game on a daily basis.

Since my first contract in September 2005, I have signed and played for 5 different teams worldwide, and been to the following countries at one time or another: Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, England, Croatia and Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). According to, 18,382 players in professional and semi-professional leagues outside the USA in 2008-09. 1,484 Americans played in 2008-09 season overseas. So we add in 400 for the guys in the NBA (throw in a couple hundred for college kids if you like also), factor in a world population of 6,781,521,494 (as of 5/22/09), that places in me in the top (less than) 1% in the known universe for my basketball ability. Neat, huh?

The following are stories about my experiences playing and the places I’ve been. The most important thing about these experiences and my recollection of the is that I am honest about what I speak on — if I wasn’t what would it be worth? — so know that while you peruse.

Professional Basketball Camp Reviews

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  • Bruce

    dre, how can i be the best player for my team? because my teammates are always nervous in games.

    • Work On Your Game and focus on what you need to do not them.

  • Logan

    What do I do about a politics based basketball team? I recently got cut from the basketball team after scoring 15 points and having 8 assist in the tryout game. I thought I did amazing. My handles were there my mental was there and I played a really good game. Just to be cut so they had room for the players who couldn’t be there to “tryout”. I’ve busted my butt for the past 3 years and I am an elite scorer what should I do. The aau ball is extremely expensive and I can’t afford it please help me. Because where I Come from it’s all last names

    • 1) Drop all excuses
      2) Improve your game. There are no perfect players
      3) Find a team or find a new excuse. There are thousands of basketball teams in the world. If you’re a player you’ll be playing. If you’re not out there playing no one will care about your explanations.