Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff is to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy for even those who are not interested in basketball. For a full-length look into my early days in hoops, get my book “Buy A Game” (free PDF — File –> Save/Save As… and it’s yours). 

My basketball ability features some God-given talent but not that much — I mean, I played Division 3 college basketball and wasn’t recruited out of high school (read below to learn about that) — my best talent is persistence. My game comes from hours of practicing, period.

Basketball is what I do most — whether it be playing, working out, training players, posting video, taking photos, writing about the game… you get the point. I diversify into other arenas and do a myriad of other things, and basketball is my passion. The competition and the long-time aspect of improving and beating my peers is what I love most about it; these aspects can also be found in other vocations, which is why I know I won’t be sitting on my hands when I’m done playing the game on a daily basis.

Since my first contract in September 2005, I have signed and played for 5 different teams worldwide, and been to the following countries at one time or another: Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, England, Croatia and Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). According to, 18,382 players in professional and semi-professional leagues outside the USA in 2008-09. 1,484 Americans played in 2008-09 season overseas. So we add in 400 for the guys in the NBA (throw in a couple hundred for college kids if you like also), factor in a world population of 6,781,521,494 (as of 5/22/09), that places in me in the top (less than) 1% in the known universe for my basketball ability. Neat, huh?

The following are stories about my experiences playing and the places I’ve been. The most important thing about these experiences and my recollection of the is that I am honest about what I speak on — if I wasn’t what would it be worth? — so know that while you peruse.

Professional Basketball Camp Reviews

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  • mc

    hey dre,
    how do i get an explosive crossover?
    i practice my dribble a lot but my crossover is average speed, it’s not fast or slow.

  • mc

    hey dre,
    does hard work really beat talent?
    i’ve been working hard but not getting the results i wanted
    kind of disappointing

  • Nikola Stojanovic

    oh, and tnx for all your vids!

  • Nikola Stojanovic

    Dre,how many days in week do you have conditioning training(speed,quickness,strength…)?

  • mc

    also im left handed and im a slasher
    whenever i want to drive the ball to my left i feel like there’s a big gap
    but when i wanna drive right it feels like there’s no space, sometimes i get cut off in the paint by the defender
    and i practice my dribbling 2 hands
    any advice?

  • mc

    hey dre
    i just made it to my school’s team but i’m not really used to their defensive intensity
    what can i do to be more comfortable to score and etc

  • mc

    hey dre
    i meant like drive in anytime i want to
    like lebron
    do i just need dribbling skills, or do i also need speed, power, and bounce?

  • mc

    hey dre
    i was wondering how do i drive in on zone defense at will
    and i’ve been working out for about 1 year ( i stopped for like 2 or 3 month cause i injured my wrist) but my muscles aren’t getting bigger. any advice for me?

  • Degan

    Sup Dre, now im totally into basketball, been playing since i was very young, but sadly im 15 and only at like 5’4 -- 5’5 now, you might think i shouldnt even play but i have a really good shot since ive been playing so long, my question is, if im a good shooter but cant shoot over really tall D how can i get around this?

    oh and also obviously it would be to go around them but if this wasnt possible, say.. because i was shooting from under the basket, how would i do it?

  • shannon

    hello Dre ! I’am basketball player ,14 years old and my life is basketball . My dreams are NBA so I’m working out those days with couch at local gym preparing for next season. I realy wanna play this game forever . This year i will go to high school in slovenia becuse I’am slovenian. I picked up school with basketball league and fitness and own gym . In Slovenia is not usuall to have high school with all this and I’am in a basketball club , so i will play and work in school and i will play and work for my b- club too. But in my maind is college becuse lots of people after college went to NBA. So in another 4 years i will work hard and try to get there. But how can I found the right college where i will play minumum 20 minutes , there is lot of guy special at my position -PG …..i don’t want to sit on the bench and watch guys who are playing my game and i’m asking you where is the limet i am working hard every day for 6 hours where is the limet , is the sky the limet?…and i have problems with weight I’m muscular but no so strong to finish 3 point play if it were not be so good at the free throw i will be in problems … can i get weight , and i’m traing too eat a lot traing with proteins and all that staff it helps me but not a lot ……….thanks for your time you are the best ….. NEJC FROM SLOVENIA *