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“New player, Dray Baldwin.” – German Newspaper

Germany, Germany, Germany. The land of 1,000 American-born pro basketball players, at least 7 leagues by my count, and a bunch of other Americans living in the country that are not playing ball at all. I got to see a lot of Deutschland in my time out there, but not exactly in the way that I thought I would.



My original club, which I was planning on using strictly as a go-between for a much better opportunity, cried broke one day out of the blue, and I would have been literally in the streets if it weren’t for me both knowing some connected people and doing some timely networking, as discussed in the below blog entries.

I spent at least one night in at least 8 different cities in Germany, met a bunch of great folks, and saw a lot, both basketball-wise and personally, that I will not soon forget.

Weltanschauung, Vol. I

Weltanschauung, Vol. II

Weltanschauung, Vol. III

Weltanschauung, Vol. IV

Weltanschauung, Vol. Vdsc06911

Weltanschauung, Vol. VI

Weltanschauung, Vol. VII

Weltanschauung, Vol. VIII

Weltanschauung, Vol. IX

Music Of The Moment:

“Paper Trail,” T.I. “Green Light,” John Legend.

Best Memory:

The Christmas Market in Hanover, which kept me occupied (and spending mon


ey) on what otherwise could have been some looong, lonely afternoons.

Worst Memory:

Being awoken from a nap by a phone call… and being told by a certain team manager that I needed to pack up my shit immediately. Turns out the team had not been paying the hotel and the hotel had decided to evict me from my suite. The hotel manager had told me why this was happening since I was on friendly terms with her; however, the certain team manager told me I was forced to leave the hotel because the hotel manager was “going crazy.”


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