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If your goal is to get to the next level, become mentally tough, create exposure, or develop the confidence and discipline to make things happen, you’re in the right place. [Also: My Tools, Equipment & Gadgets Page]

I started this website as a place to express myself. No one knew who I was, and not many people were asking for my advice. Since I started sharing my stories and experiences though, many people come my way daily asking for help. And I am a firm believer in getting everything I want by helping others get what they want.

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Here are the ways you can get help from me or work with me. These are ordered from the easiest, most available and least investment to those which are less available (such as time) and require more investment.

  1. Search. My website, Podcast and YouTube channel always have new content, as well as my Help Page. I live stream almost daily too. I have a FAQ page and a Tools page. And Google’s your friend. I have published more content online than any human alive, so the answer to your question may already exist in my back catalog here or on YouTube. The WOYG Podcast is also daily. For to-the-minute updates from me, follow me on TwitterPeriscopeInstagram and Snapchat.[Basketball Players: Read my Help Page thoroughly. Any emails I receive asking something that is covered on that page will deleted and not replied to.]
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  4. Schedule a Consulting Call With Me. If you feel you just need a conversation to get some answers and can take it from there, this is the way to do it. I do my calls via Clarity and you can schedule with me here.
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  6. Hire Me as Your Personal Coach. Helping people one one one is the most powerful way I change people’s lives. I have worked with people ranging from athletes to business owners to solopreneurs to professionals considering a career change. Unfortunately, I can only do so much coaching due to time constraints and other commitments. If you feel you could benefit from working with me one on one, fill out the form here and we will be in touch.

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I compiled the information contained on this page to help you with exactly that. I can speak on and explain these things because I have lived them — always seek advice from people who have done the things they’re advising you on.

In case you need to step up your on-cout skills on the way to that next level, check out the Hoops Programs page.

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This is a very deep category. I talk about all the above in different formats and this section will house all that content. If you aren’t already, subscribe to my daily Work On Your Game Podcast. There is where I share the MOST personal development, every single day. I won’t link to those episodes here, but it’s free. Start listening TODAY.

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This category has so many pieces to it, I broke it down into sub-groups. Let me know if there’s a question I haven’t answered in the below content. Join my email list at the top of this page to receive my [EXCLUSIVE] email messages on Pro Basketball.

– Basics For Professional Basketball, Overseas or Anywhere Else

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– Pro & Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps, Showcases and Combines

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