Aint No Favors In The Pro Basketball Game

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From being in the Pro Basketball business, or you if you’ve played pro already, I know how much people ask for hook-ups and favors.

Put me on, bruh!
I just need a chance.
Introduce me to your agent man!
Things have been hard for me, can you just help me? 

When I speak to pros, I ask how often they hear this stuff.


Personally, I don’t play anymore. I’m not an agent or coach — and never have been either — and I get it every day. So I know how much a current player/coach/agent gets it.

Here’s the thing, though: there are no favors in professional sports. 

You watch sports on TV. How often do you see players callously traded from teams they thought they’d spend the rest of their careers on? How often do players cast aside the facade of loyalty and play for who they want to play for, as opposed to who anyone thinks they should play for?

Each of your favorite players is from somewhere. They all know people, and have people who know them. So why doesn’t LeBron or KD have their whole neighborhood playing in the NBA or GLeague? They have more power and pull than anyone. Why aren’t any of their homies in the League?

Because: there ain’t no favors in this game.

The saying goes, sports is the ultimate meritocracy. You can’t get a championship trophy or MVP award through connections or politics. You must be able to actually play to get it.

For general managers and owners of teams, their careers and financial well-being are attached to making the right personnel decisions. If it was just about getting hooked up, every NBA All-Star would have 10 childhood friends playing in the NBA.

Maybe you feel you do have Game. That you can prove it, and are willing to earn it. That’s great. Here’s the truth: not everybody is gonna get on. There aren’t enough jobs. 

A player who has a contract cannot just “put you on.” Don’t ask them to hand to you what hey had to earn.

Agents don’t want players who they cannot place, ie get signed. If you’ve never been signed before and don’t have any Current offers to sign, that’s a good enough reason to doubt.

Having challenges in your life does not entitle you to a helping hand. And just because someone else seems to be doing good does not entitle you to favors from that person. Just in case you didn’t know, asking for something while offering nothing is a favor. What someone else has (or what you think they have) is not your business.

These are truths of the Business world. Pro ball is more of a business than you think it is. But you’ll learn. Maybe.

The most you can ask from someone who’s “made it” is not for a fish, but for a fishing pole: Tell me how you did it, and I’ll do the rest.

That part? I’ve already given it to you.

If you’re serious about the game, I have literally laid the whole thing out for you here ( and here ( I withhold no secrets. I’m not here to do anything for you. I’m here to show you how to help yourself. And if you get on, it will be because you’ve helped yourself.

DISCLAIMER: helping yourself is not a guarantee that you’ll get what you want. You signed up for a business where 1% of people get a chance. If you want more people to have a chance, start your own league and sign yourself. Or pick another profession.

Whatever you do, stop asking for someone to do it for you. Read what I’ve given you and make it happen.

Ain’t no favors in this game. Even if there were, we can’t give them out.

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