Basketball Tryouts: How to Know Your Chances Of Making The Team

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Every Fall, players come to me en masse asking about basketball tryouts. How to be ready for them, what will make them stand out, etc. I created 30 Days To Tryout specifically for this — hey and read it ASAP.


This post is a primer to help you understand your chances of making the team ahead of the action.


No One Else Knows Your Chances. You Need To Decide What Your Chances Are.


This is 100% a mindset point.


Your overall chances can be helped by many factors, but the general understanding you need to have is that you, and you alone, determine how close or far you are from making it. The answer you decide on with this point will play a huge role in how well — or how badly — you perform.


Every Pre-action Excuses Lessens Your Chances By 25%.


Yes — things like, the coach already knows who he wants. Or, how you were discriminated against last time, or how certain players refused to pass you the ball.


All these excuses, no matter how valid, do are lessen your chances of playing your best, because you’re creating built-ins reasons for your next doing your best.


Kill these lines of thinking immediately.


Stop Asking Yourself Weak Questions.


Things like, How many players is the coach looking to take on?

Or, Who here is clearly better than me?

Or, what reason would the coach have for not choosing me?


None of these serve you in any useful way, so get rid of them.


You Won’t Know Your Chances By Thinking Or Talking About It.


There’s nothing you can talk about or think about that tangibly changes your chances; just something you can do: get on the court during tryouts and show off your game — and your game is damn good when you show it.


If you’re upset that I didn’t tell you your chances — stop being a bitch.


Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’re the one who has to play, not me. Deal with it.


When you’re ready to ensure your roster spot ahead of tryouts, get the 30 Days To Tryouts workbook.


Good luck!