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First a disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or food expert (I just play one on YouTube). The world we live in now is full of information; any technical questions on eating/diet/nutrition can be answered through a simple Google search. I am not responsible for your diet or the choices you make when you sit down to eat. If you “don’t know” something, look it up.

Now back to the program.

I started out eating recklessly — like the first video (with the trees in the background).

And, with new information, I have made changes over time, and there will be more:

The change was due to new information. Below are many links I have gathered which discuss the principles I addressed in the video about my eating habits and changes.

This page will be updated with new information as it becomes known to me, so check in from time to time. If you are an nutritionist or have some expertise/knowledge in this field, feel free to contact me or leave a comment that can help inform me and other readers on these topics — the information out there can be quite overwhelming.

What I Eat Daily – Meal Delivery Options (see below for where I order from now)

Where I Order My Meals From

  • FreshMealPlans (Current as of January 2015)
  • CateredFit (February 2014- December 2014)
  • Primal Organic (I stopped ordering form Primal because they were too expensive and didn’t offer as many meal options as CateredFit. But if the Primal plans work for you, I 100% co-sign the greatness of the food!)

Meat Video – This video shows harsh realities of the meat industry and how animals are treated. Granted, the video is made by people who are against the consumption of meat, thusly it is as graphic and horrific as they could possibly make it. But these things do happen, as I have seen similar practices in other documentaries (Food, Inc is one that comes to mind). Most of the US food industry gets their food from factories similar to what you see in this video; if you shop at a local grocery store and buy the “basic”, cheapest meat (or you eat at national chain restaurants at all), this is where your meat is coming from. This is a fact that has been accepted.

WARNING: This video is not for the faint of heart, eyes, emotions, or stomach. View at your own risk (and probably not before you eat bacon or sausage).

Egg Industry Grinds Millions Of Baby Chicks Alive


Aside from these links, here are a few websites I refer to regularly for food information when it comes to “Clean Eating” (they cover things from recipes to pre- and post-workout food to shopping lists to saving money when changing your eating lifestyle and everything in between)

  • Has everything coming from the perspective of a clean-eating couple and the complete lifestyle that comes with it, including simple meal recipes.
  • Whole Foods Healthy Eating We all know about Whole Foods, and they use their website to share lots of info in cooking and preparing all the stuff you can find in their stores.
  • Food and Recipes For serious athletes, BodyBuilding always delivers new useful food ideas, recipes and tips. The forum leverages all the users who are all too happy to share what they know with the community.
  • Meatless Miami For SoFla residents, a perfect site that lists the best places to eat all over town, along with pros and cons of your choices.


“Clean” Eating:




Carbohydrates (“Carbs”; Energy Food):


Fats (You need these — just the right types):




For Athletes:


Paleo Diet (My diet from Fall 2013 – January 2015):

altucher living paleo guide

Vegan Eating


Raw Vs. Vegetarian Vs. Vegan Vs. Paleo:


Food In General


Body Care

whole foods conventional produce
From inside a Whole Foods market
whole foods organic produce
From inside a Whole Foods market



  1. Hi Dre, really appreciated all the info you put in this page. I came a across a website that talks about “bulletproof coffee”. You might have heard about it. I wonder if you know the effect of coffee in basketball performance?

  2. Hey Dre, I’ve been a subscriber for a longtime now and I know that you don’t have many nutritional videos recently on what your current nutritional lifestyle is. Are you still doing Paleo? if not what is your CURRENT nutritional eating lifestyle? A Comment Back or Video response will be Greatly Appreciated!!

    • Question is not answerable. Many things factor into that – diet, activity, current condition. Food does not lower body fat %; what a person does makes that happen. See the Diet & Nutrition page and read to educate yourself if you really want to know. Your question does not exactly make sense.

  3. Dre Im a 6′ Sophmore with a 135lb KD-Like build. Im very weak and i think its taking its toll on my performance. How can i gain weight/strength ???

  4. Hello Dre – this is Scott from Thank you very much for the referral to our site…we’ve had a couple of questions from your fans and they told us about your link to our site.

    Your site is great! Keep up the good work and let us know if you’d like to collaborate on anything in the future.

    • Hey Scott, glad people are checking your site out. Thanks! I sent you an email with an idea, let’s talk further there.

  5. I’m your follower since mm I don’t Remember(longtime), I like how you work out, I watch all your videos.. Etc
    The thing is what is your height?

  6. Hey dre your doing the right thing going vegetarian. I am a division one volleyball athlete and am also vegetarian. It’s best for your health, the animals, and the planet. Fruit is the optimum food choice for athletes and the book 80 10 10 diet promotes raw veganism as the optimal diet for humans. It’s a very interesting book and I recommend you read it. Also to comment on your use of using protein shakes, be careful. Protein shakes are not healthy for our system. In fact the human body doesn’t want additional protein, the human body performs best when carbs are 80 percent of calories and fats and protein 10 percent each. Check out on YouTube “the truth about protein” by dr. Oren something. Good luck dre be good man. Let me know what you think of the video. Lower your protein and be healthier 🙂 think on the Japanese and Chinese with Low protein levels and living long lives. Be good

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