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Y’all know that I do my best to give you all the most clear & accurate information when it comes to playing basketball as a career. A few months ago I started a conversation with Brad Kanis, who represents Europrobasket, a pro basketball academy in Spain that is also holding an exposure camp this summer. I have stated many times over that the best exposure camps happen in Europe — and this is the one you need to take a hard at this summer, because Brad and Europrobasket specifically help players who lack pro and even college experience. I did a 3-hour interview with Brad about his playing career and about Europrobasket that will be out on YouTube this week — I’ll send another email when it goes live — and I offered Brad an opportunity to craft a message directly to you all.

Enter Brad Kanis. 


To all players interested in playing professionally:

My name is Brad Kanis and I am the Director of a Professional basketball academy in Girona, Spain called Europrobasket. We house, feed, train and showcase players to teams, coaches, agents, and scouts. We have a team of players here at the academy year round. We practice as a team twice a day, 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. We also have weights 5 days a week in the morning. We play games once a week against Spanish teams from all divisions. Most of these teams have interest in our players. We have different programs and lengths for different player situations. Players pay their own flights and expenses to train and stay at the academy. The price, however, for the entire academy on a per-day basis is cheaper than just staying in the same hotel (without meals, gym, coaches, ext..) per day.

We have connections with teams and agents around the world, but chose to work a lot with teams and agents here in Spain for many reasons. First, teams are obviously in close proximity to the facility, making it easy for teams and managers to see our players.

Second, there are literally hundreds of teams in Spain: 4 professional levels and 4 semi professional levels. There are some teams in the lowest level of semi pro that can offer a player an apartment, meals and some cash.

Third, the market is very bad in Europe and Spain, which makes it difficult for teams to afford players who have experience, opening a door for guys who are just starting their careers.

Fourth, the basketball in Spain is some of the best in the world, making it a great place to start and perfect your craft. This also means that the league is very well respected and every country in the world knows this.

For example, a resume with experience in First Division Bolivia is not comparable to a resume with even a 3rd or 4th Division in Spain. This is something that players need to understand about the world of basketball. Not all leagues are considered equal. A start in a well respected league is going to get you further in your career.

Plus there are so many leagues to move up in Spain. Starting at the bottom and working your way up is how it has to be for some players who have no experience. We will work to put you in a good situation to develop. That’s what we do here at Europrobasket. Every player gets a team; the offer depends on your own performance. You can get a pro contract if you are ready. If you need some time we will find a lower level team where you will be the man and develop a name for yourself.

You will get to adjust to overseas living.  You will get to adapt to the European style of basketball. You will get game film and stats.

We’ll help you along the way because your success is our success. Once you have shown what you can do, we’ll help you get a professional contract with our connections or through one of our Academy Partner agents.

Currently we are the only academy in the world that has this type of system, and this system has worked for many of our players. Check us out on our website: and and

Also, Europrobasket is organizing a summer league called European Summer League Spain: and This will be a one-week event in June that will have a high volume of players, agents, coaches and managers. Serious players only please. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Do not try to find a European team in the U.S., come to Europe. Take advantage of a great opportunity to get signed!

Brad Kanis
[email protected]


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