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Being that I came from a small college background and never played a second of AAU ball or was ever offered a scholarship, I get a lot of inquiries from players with similar situations as to how they can get their foot in the door of the pros. What follows is a sketch of what, in my opinion, is most important for such individuals to get into the professional ranks. If you agree and/or think this list can/will/did help you, great! Don’t even waste time telling me — get to work. If you disagree with my list, I don’t care.

Make A Fucking Decision.

[“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” – Tony Robbins]

I decided sometime late in my college years that I would be playing basketball after I graduated. I was 100% committed, even though I had no idea how or where or when I’d get there. There was no Plan B. A player that sits the bench at Duke or Michigan State for four years will get professional offers from teams just based on the fact that he/she was on the roster at one of those schools, even without expressing interest in playing professionally.

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Some of them can actually play, and some can’t — I have seen this with my own eyes. Some take the offers and some don’t. My point, however, is that a player with a ‘D3’ or ‘NAIA’ or whatever else there is out there on their resume will have to go and create their own opportunities to get a contract. I know many players from small schools who say they wanna play overseas, but their commitment is one of convenience. Meaning, if it is made easy enough for them, enough doors are left unlocked and cracked open, they’ll put in the necessary effort. When the going gets tough, their careers end quietly, and, as Porky Pigs says, ‘that’s all folks!’ I had to knock down doors, and in many cases, build my own, to get where I’m at. And I’m still building doors to this day. And, as that Tony Robbins quote says, the true mark of your decision is when you start taking some action. Sending someone (like me) and email saying, “I want to play overseas, can you give me some information?” is NOT taking action. Asking someone to tell you what to do is not an action step. Real action involves the other steps you learn as you read further…

You Need Film.

If you played in college, collect film of every game you played in that you can get. Nowadays, most schools film their games — get the film ASAP! You never know what may happen — you transfer, fall out with the coaching staff, coach gets canned — make an ally in the athletic department and get your film. The person in charge of the video is usually very accessible. Don’t make a big deal about getting your film — coaches can get antsy about a player wanting his film in the middle of the season — quietly collect those tapes/ DVDs and keep them in a safe place. Never let the originals out of your sight. Make copies. Film is your job interview to pro teams — if they haven’t seen you play in person, and you have no film, your only recourse is to attend an exposure camp — for which you pay for travel, hotel, food and exorbitant camp entry fees (not to say that a camp could not be a great investment). When I was graduating in 2004, my school recorded some games but not all of them. My sophomore year coach had all the 2001-2002 games on film — but he gave the originals away to players when he lost his coaching job. I went online and found contact numbers for the teams we played against my last 2 years, and offered to mail self-addressed stamped envelopes to each them to get copies of game film. It’s that important. If you do go to an exposure camp, any one worth its cost offers film now, either streaming online, downloadable, or for purchase via DVD. Whichever format you prefer, get it and keep it.

Work On Your Fucking Game.

The simplest of all these bullet points. Practice. Train. Improve. Get better. I have stressed this over and over on YouTube to the point that you have probably heard me same that statement before in a video, multiple times. Think about Michael Jordan. He is arguably the best basketball player in the history of the universe. Even at the height of his greatness (the entire 1990s), MJ worked on his game. And he was better than me, you, and the person next to you. So if the best player in the world was still working on his game when he was at the top of the mountain, what makes you or anyone else think they don’t need to put the work in to improve (Don’t answer that.)?


Show Your Game.

(Pro Camp & Combines Guide) A lot of players come to me with their highlight films, as if I am a scout, asking for “contacts” — when the people you need to be showing your video are agents and coaches and managers. Having skills in basketball and not being seen is like having a bunch of money in cash locked in your attic or basement. Yes you are rich, but the power of money is in its use and circulation, not the act of possessing it. I’m not telling you that you have to play in every league or game that takes place. But if you are a good player, you want people to know that, right? Then show up where the other good players are and show ’em what you’ve got. Ask around for where the best players are — anyone that lives in a town that plays basketball at all knows where the best games are, whether they themselves play there or if they know better than to embarrass themselves trying. Point is, they know. Soccer players know where other guys play soccer. Lawyers know which bar other legal workers go to get drinks. Basketball players know where the tough games are taking place.


Sounds simple, but many players don’t do it. There are millions of people in the world who want to play basketball for money; not all of them will. You are not the only one. Ask around — your local gym; coaches you know; players in your weekly pickup games — there’s always somebody that knows somebody. Trust me. If you’re a male, female friends know other guys who play ball. Find out where good players work out or where they play pickup or what leagues they play in the summer. Diffidence or arrogance when it comes to approaching others won’t help you here — the simplest way to make a new friend is a smile and a “hello.”

Nobody Owes You A Damn Thing.

Including me. When it is all over, whatever you accomplish (or don’t accomplish) is credited 100% to you. Not your college coaches, not your girlfriend or teammates, not your agent. No matter what anyone else does or doesn’t do for you, promises and doesn’t come through, ‘hates on’ you, it’s your life and career. I once heard a smart businessperson rhetorically ask, “What’s your IQ?” He wasn’t referring to intelligence — this IQ stands for “I Quit.” What has to happen for you to give up? How far will you go? How much can you take? If you reach out to someone for help and they decline to help you or let you down, is that your excuse for giving up? If you want to make it, you will. If you want to find an excuse, you will. If you need help, start by looking in the mirror. Ask yourself what you’ll do if (and when) no one helps you.

FOLLOW-UP To This PostYour 10-Step Overseas Basketball Plan, Starting Today

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  1. Wat a coincidence im dre u also dre that means we are friends. By the you have inspired me a lot.Im an18 year old player.Please can you mail me personally because i can’t talk on this forum

  2. Hi my name is Travion Weiss I’m currently 18 years old I’m attending a juco for 2 years how do I make that next jump to go play professional overseas?

  3. Wuz up dre my name is Tracy Rucker am 6’0 feet tall and I have always played sports in high school I played track and basketball but doing my senior year I injured my knee and all my scholarships went out the window well since then I been keeping myself in shape and I never lost the passion to play my favorite sport I have always wanted to play basketball right now am married with three kids and I would really like if you could give me any advice on what I can do to make my dream come true I hope to here from you.

  4. sir can you take me to be basketball player my high is 1.94
    and my fit is 64 kg is it good
    my name is max
    I am 14 years old
    I live in Turkmenistan sir

  5. I have a question, i don’t live in Europe or the US, but after finishing high school, i’m thinking of going to play in Europe, but am i supposed to hire an agent from my country or an agent from Europe. Another problem for me is that in my country high school basketball games are not filmed, and right now i don’t have film of me playing basketball. What am i supposed to do because im an 11th grader right now?

    • 1) If all you’re doing is thinking about playing in the US or Europe, you don’t need to do anything, because thinking requires no action.
      2) You finished high school, which means you’re not dumb. My suggestion is to use your brain and come up with some ideas for your what you’re gonna do with your life.

  6. Profile: My name is Harrison Eghan. I graduated from Monsignor Scanlan Roman Catholic High School.

    I am currently 6foot tall and 5inches as a 18year old. I was nominated MVP (most valuable player) in my basketball tournament in 2017.

    My #1 strength: summer of 2017, I was picked as the # One Rebounder in the entire New York State high schools. I will continue to challenge myself with the opportunity to play in college basketball. I will play with perfection as I dream of playing in the NBA one day.

  7. Hey dre, perhaps u can tell me with your years of experience can I go pro overseas without playing college basketball? I have had the chance to play basketball in the states and experienced the basketball culture and can bring that on the table in my home country but its just that college over here are not built on athletism so it I will have to either continue to play and give everything or quit and find another path in life. I am desperate at the moment because the US embassy refused me a visa to continue my basketball career in the States and don’t know if I should move on in life or keep grinding for my passion
    Thank you get back at me !

    • You don’t need advice. Your question is answered on this website, so read it. Then make decision for your life. Good luck.

  8. I played ball in job Corp for two years I still play my defense is a little better than my offense I’m a catch and shoot type a guy and I’m 29

  9. Dre,
    I’m a director of player personnel for a sports agency,and I manage 2 ball players but my only issue is getting the agent to seriously help me finding them a place to play…when I thought I found them a place in Brazil he was all in to get paid but it turned out to be a scam so now I’m back to square one.Until I can get my fiba certification i can’t get him to pull any resources to get them a shot…..Any advice???

    • 1. Get your certification and do it yourself
      2. Get better players, or have your players do a better job of showing their skills

  10. Hi Dre,

    I am a 24 year old female. I played ball in high school, I graduated in 2011. I received offers from D2/D3 schools but was an immature idiot at the time and didn’t take any of them up. I graduated last year and did not play ball. Is there any shot of playing in the Euro pros with no college ball experience?

    Thank you,

      • Thank you. I should have been more clear. I know that I can do it and am willing to put in the work to do so. My question is, do you know of cases in which a 26/27 year old who did not play in college made a team?

  11. hi im a girl from the uk how do I get into professional basketball

  12. Hey Dre, I’m 15 and already 6’3 but I don’t know if I’m good enough to join my high school basketball team. It’s summer right now and I want to improve my game,but I don’t have access to a gym. (Hopefully I will soon) I play ball at a park near my house. Is there any drills I can do to help my game that don’t require me to be at a gym. I am very good driving on my right side, but weak on my left side. My ball handles isn’t the greatest, and my speed is average. But I want to improve in the few months I have. Can u help me please.

    • Get our Ball handling program at you can do it at home without a court.

  13. I’m 14, and i play for my school in Ireland. If i start collecting tape and film from my games, would i get much benefit from posting highlight reels on social media to get exposure or should i pay to go to an exposure camp?

    • You can do everything you’re talking about and find out for sure. You don’t need anyone’s OK to take action.

  14. I’m 21 and haven’t played since high school and I don’t have film. Would hard training and saving money to pay for exposure camps be my best bet?

    • Sounds like you have a plan, which is better than doing nothing — IF you actually do it.

  15. hello i live in the UK im in yr 11 and 15 years old i wanna get noticed by scouts how do i do that

    • Play basketball at a high level. If no scouts have contacted you yet, this means you have not yet achieved this.

  16. Hey Dre, I’m a 6’4 8th grade-expat living in China. I’m not quite sure yet if I’ll be able to go back to the U.S. for at least part of my high school. The best I’ll get here is high school basketball. I’m projected to be at least 6’7 and need some tips. What would you think is the most important thing besides my actually skill? The tapes? Camps? Anything helps and is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • You’re in 8th grade. None of that is important. Prove yourself on the court and read all of my Help page during your senior year. Good luck!

      • Thanks man, I really needed that. Keep up the great work and support.

  17. I was trying to buy the course and I finally have money and the website is no longer there.

  18. Dre why the course is no longer there how to go overseas? I was just at the website and the website say it no longer there?

  19. Hey Dre, I am a 6’2 athlete from South Africa, I finished High School in the United States playing ball. I am now 19 , and have received offers from D2 schools and NAIA D1. However, these were not full-rides and therefore was unable to go to these schools. Im looking to go Pro in Europe/around the World and as a young athlete I wanted to know what could be done to make this happen?

    I have recently Received an offer from a Pro-Team here in South Africa, would it be a good idea to consider this offer?

    • You need to *read* all the stuff I share here on this site. Then you will need to make decisions for yourself. Good luck!

    • You need to *read* all the stuff I share here on this site. Then you will need to make decisions for yourself. Good luck!

  20. Hey what’s up Dre, idk how I found you, But I see that as a sign, My name Is DeShawn Grey, I moved to Orlando Florida from Tennessee in February to play semi pro basketball to get exposure. During the process the guy who was the coach wasn’t fulfilling Anything he said to get me down here originally. I found out about the tryout you guys were supposedly holding in September and I’ve been training since April for this tryout and another in Miami for October 12th. I’m going over the site as was going to book a plane ticket for the month of September tryout to see that this was from 2015. I’m devasted right now that I won’t have a opportunity for my chance this year. When is a tryout coming up for any dleague teams for this year? If there is anything I can do please let me know.

  21. Hey, Dre. I am 6’0. I am 26 now, and I got offer from D3 and NAIA D1 schools. Which one I should choose? I wanna make it pro after college.

  22. hello my name is kgaugelo, I am SA and I want to play basketball in the states so I need help to get there I am 18 years old

    • Then you’d better get to work helping yourself! Read what I’ve shared here and start taking action. Good luck!

  23. Hey dre I’m 28 I played ball my whole life and I have love for the game am I too old to play for anybody? I really wanna play again

  24. Hi friend! i am a pakistani. i am 15 years old. i just took basketball in my hands 6 months ago. but my improvement in game is much greater. there is nobody sporting me. i can spent all my life on this game. can yo just sporting me. can u just sport me and bring me to any good basketball club abroad. that is my humble request. i ensure u that i will become a best basketball player if you did this for me. please!!!!

    • That is work you’ll need to do for yourself! Start by improving your skill level. Here are our programs:

  25. hey dre I have just finished my 4th year of college and I was wondering do I have to go to a paid combine to get a contract?

  26. Does your tips/encouragements apply to female basketball players also?

    • I’ll have a webinar about that coming soon, signup to be notified here:
      Also I have a series of emails that share a lot of info:

  27. Hi dre
    I am indian and 6’7
    I have just started training here and can manage to enter my national team
    Can you tell me if i have any hope in nba abroad ?
    I want to give my life on this sport training and am dedicated 100%


    • If you’re dedicated 100% why are you asking if you have chances? That doesn’t make sense. Which one is it — you are dedicated or you’re not sure? Pick one.

  28. Hi Dre! my question is i’m 19 an i have no college experience an i wanted to know how can i get to play basketball overseas?

  29. I’m a very skilled and hard working player , I been playing basketball since 5th grade and I’m a junior now. Its one thing that I always seemed to struggle with when I play , CONFIDENCE, it’s like I know I can do the moves and score with ease but my confidence slows me down ? do you have any tips on how to break out of this ?

  30. Hi Dre, I’m writing a story about a basketball team in Morocco with two American players for Reporting Morocco. I need to find the statistic for how many American men go overseas to play basketball, on average. What information do you have, or where can you point me to find this number?



  31. Dre, I’m 15 and from England. Its quite obvious that basketball isn’t big here but for me its my career ambition. If I cant make it to an american college, I want to play in a European league when i’m an adult. Thing is i’m notable to get tape of my games for my school, they don’t record games like in the US and I cant get someone to record it for me. I need some guidance man, I really dont know what I gotta do to become known in the future. Thanks

    • Stop saying “cant”. Get someone to record for you. Then you’ll have film. When you’re ready to go pro, I have a course on everything to do:

  32. i’m 17 now how i can play in some basketball league right now to earn money to help family

  33. Hi Dre, I’m playing basketball in Spain. My height is 1.92m with 18, but the teams I’ve played so far put me pivot and this season I start to play small forward. I managed to contact professional teams in a country where basketball is a little worse, but they ask me the videos. I have to send my videos playing as pivot or should play one more season at small forward?

  34. Hey im from japan im in kentucky playing at a D2 college we play top juco schools and d2 schools im a junior half jap/american player. Im 22 years old and i graduate in a year any suggestions to make it pro?

  35. yo dre im 17 a junior in high school and i want to be seen by overseas and colleges i play travel ball but i havent played high school ball yet what is the best way to get scene and im gonna make my highlights soon and put them out there

  36. sir dre… i live in nigeria im nineteen and have been playing for just about two years. i broke my leg last month and now i have a metal rod in my leg. will that reduce the interest teams have in me. and living in africa never made anything easy for anybody i dont know where to go or who to show my stuff.

  37. Hi Dre! Respect your Drive and advice given to all guys out here striving for greatness. My question is, I’m 25 ,never played highschool or college ball. I know I have the skill set to become a professional. I’ve wrttrien down your steps to becoming a professional. Is it too late being that I’m 25?

  38. Hi Dre!
    I’m 25 now, and I just got accepted into an NAIA College on a full scholarship after 9yrs of persistence, even without any financial means, of wanting to study in a US college.
    I play basketball and I intend to do same at college when I get there by next year’s Fall Semester. Do you think after graduation at, probably, 29 or 30. I could still be drafted to the NBA?

  39. Hey dre, I’m 15 and I’m need of asking i’m doing poorly at school but my ball game is good but needs more improving… would I need any sort of Degree or high high school marks to make it to pro?
    I’d like to try my hardest and put in 110% no hold backs…
    I’ve played for my state team for U’18’s i’ve played for three representative teams…now i’m on a standby.
    Please take this in notice.

    • You’d need school not only for the grades but to develop your game. At age 18 you won’t be a professional. But you can play in college from there. For that, yes -- you need to have academic performance in HS. So start focusing now n

  40. Very detailed. It was great advice for anyone. I’m not playing college ball but I want to prove that I can play at a high level. I’ve been working on my game for the past year and graduate college in a year. What’s your advice for me since I didn’t play colleeg ball but want a chance to play overseas?

  41. Ok so dre been reading your stuff all night but thing is I’m an international student i now attend utah valley university d1 school. I have no film from my previous high school bu i really want to play for the team..i hear I’m good all the time and people why dont i play on the team. But the coaches seem to already have who they want. So what exactly do i do to really get my foot in the door. Really crushing my spirit knowing i wanna play so bad.

  42. Hey bro, I played minimal mins at a High Major Univ and didn’t receive the assistance that I expected upon graduation. Getting a low level contract overseas isn’t a problem for me. It’s getting to a league where my buckets are noticed. Any suggestions?

    • You shouldn’t be expecting assistance; school is over and you’re on your own. Get the contract then and go prove you deserve a better one.

  43. I was on youtube looking at highlights and just happened upon this blog. I’m not a basketball player, and I’m not interested in playing overseas, but there was some REALLY good advice in here. I mean that in general; must of what you said can be applied to any forum, as volatile as some of the content was.

    I wasn’t expecting depth this much depth from an article on basketball.

    • Thank you Deven. I write with that goal in mind: make content relevant even to people who don’t care about basketball. So I really appreciate hearing this.

    • Anything is possible, but I’ve written about that: Most players are not at that talent level. See Guides & Tips page.

  44. Hey Dre. Any tips on how to get back out there wether it be tryouts, combines, or anything of the nature. I’m 20 and I had NAIA offers out of high school but I turned them down for teenage reasons. Basketball has always been my dream and I lost sight of it until recently. I’m willing to put in as much work as needed and some. Any tips you may have will help

  45. Hello,

    I’m trying to find an agent to help me out. I have records in the CAA and MEAC conference but I was out for a year to finish my Master’s degree. What do you think I should do. I’ve sent film and registered for a couple combines and still no agent.

    • Keep looking and be ready to perform at the combines. You have to prove your game since there are many more players than there are agents/teams. Make sure you stand out. I published my book “The Overseas Basketball Blueprint” earlier this month:

  46. Dre:
    I am a 6’10 10th grader and my high school started me at center this year for Varsity. I’ve been told on plenty occasions that I can go D1 ball, but personally I’m not sure if I have what it takes basketball wise. Would you have any suggestions for me going forward in my career? Also I know the very slim chances of making the NBA, so I’ve told myself I will try and play overseas. Would you have any suggestions about that also?

    • Only suggestion: Focus on the opportunity at hand, which is high school. Not D1, not the NBA, not overseas. Perform where you are or none of that will even matter.

  47. Hey Dre I had a question, So I started playing ball when I was about 17 years old my senior year of high school and i’m 21 now and I never played ball in either High School or College. I improved a lot over the years and want to improve more. I know I have talent I just want to make a move towards my goals. I’m not sure where to begin if i haven’t played in High School or College. If i have no history with a team, where do I start and is it possible to go over seas still? Thanks Dre

  48. Hey Dre,I am 15 years old,and i am from europe,i am 6’2”,and i am very creative,but i am too weak,what i need to do,i play one year in 3rd league,for professional.

  49. I’m confident in my ability to play div1 there’s not doubt in my mind every AAU tournament I played in coaches told me I was the most creative guard they had ever seen, I never took basketball seriously though and my senior year I got kicked out of school for doing drugs. I’ve been clean for two years and have gotten myself into much better shape. I really want to play junior college then d1 and maybe ascend to the pros. I’m just afraid of my history that no coach will consider me now. Any advice on getting a coach to give me a chance

    • Utilize your communication skills and ask them. Thinking about it won’t make it happen. Worst that can happen is they say no. But you have to ask. If you ask 100 coaches, I guarantee someone will say YES. So make your goal to get 100 NO answers.

  50. Hi Dre. So here is my problem…
    A week ago I went to play to a team from my town. I mean not to play, to train with them. The problem is that after the first training day, the second day coach came to me and told me: “don’t be agry, but I can’t put you in my team because you’re small and skinny and I need big guys around here, but you can still come and train, I told you this so you won’t make illusions that you will play in my team”

    But I am not that skinny and small, and there are players in the team which are smaller than me…
    This week I came to training but he told me: “I am sorry but in this holiday I have work to do, I don’t have time for you”

    My “team mates” told me to stay and train, and maybe he will put me in the team, but I think that if he said that I will never be in that team.
    If I dont’t get a chance to prove that I worth something I cant prove it…..

    • Options:
      1) Find another team, others exist
      2) Stay and train, shut your mouth and work, and maybe you’ll get (create) your chance
      3) Whine about no one “giving you” a chance, as if anyone owes you anything, and see where that gets you.

  51. Hey Dre;
    I have a son who is eats and sleep basketball. Just the other day he said that he wants to grow up and play professional ball. Now for some this maybe to soon but for me this is the first time my child said he wanted to be something. My question is what do I do or go to help me to help my son and placing him in the right directions. I feel doing this now would help him to focus and not get involved in the streets as he is still young and a good kid. What’s the plan or direction to take. Thanks

    • Depends how old he is. If he is under 16 you have to let him grow up; he may change his mind. And by the time he’s old enough to really decide, he will have to act on his own initiative if he really wants it. If he is 16 or up, or when he is, see what his actions say — that will prove what he really wants.

  52. Hey Dre
    I’m a 21 year old, 5’10 point guard from Australia. I played competitive basketball from the age of 5 till I was 17 and was told I had potential to play Div2 college or Europe. Unfortunately a knee injury and the death of my father (who was my biggest fan) at the age of 17 caused me to fall out of love with basketball and made the decision to walk away from the sport that I dedicated so much to. I have spend the past 3 years dedicated to mma, even turning pro in June 2013. I made attempts at playing competitive ball again but it was only a painful reminder of what I lost some years ago. It wasn’t till just after my 21st birthday that I fell in love with the game again and started playing pick up games where I could and dedicating all my spare time to redeveloping my basketball skills. The only problem is I’m struggling to find a high level team to play for in my state. I’m currently in talks with an agent, but I was wondering what you thought my chances were realistically of playing pro ball in Europe?

    Thank you

    • Doesnt matter what I think because I dont control the outcome and it’s not my life. What you think is most important.

  53. Hey Dre I had a question. I’m a 6’0 combo guard and I find it easier to score as a 2 guard than as a 1. I don’t get many opportunities to score as a 1 cuz I’m too busy trying to run the offense and make sure everyone’s in place.. I’m a passive point but an aggressive 2 I’m trying to become an aggressive 1 in a set offense how do I do that? Something I notice too is that I can score very easily when not running an offense but when we call plays its harder to score. Especially as a 1.. how do I translate my 2 skills to a 1 and be a scoring point

    • Just do it. There is no translating -- you already have the ability and know your outcome, so start doing it. What is stopping you?

  54. My boyfriend is interested in playing basketball over seas how do I find info to get a hold of someone?

  55. HI Dre
    I’m a mother of a son who loves the game of Basketball. I started him playing ball at the age of 5 and he’s being making milestones every since. He plays for a Catholic School which they don’t get much exposure as public school; however, he also plays each year for AAU. His career plan is to be a become Pharmacist, but would love to play ball oversees as a dream fulfillment. He’s 16 roughly 6”5 tall and weigh 180 pds very intellectual young man. Can you give me some advise.

    • Selena, your son is 16. He’s in high school. The pros are two levels away from where he’s at — he needs to focus on performing where he’s at now, not ten or even five years from now. Because if he doesn’t perform at the high school level, the pros won’t even matter because he won’t get there. And if he really wants to go pro, I should be hearing from him, not his mom.

  56. Hello!

    My boyfriend was offered an opportunity to play overseas by someone who has previously played in the same league. Our only concern is that the league wants to charge him a fee. He has communicated via email with the “so called owner” but we do not know if this person is actually the owner or even if this person exists. I was told that yes, some leagues do ask for fees upfront but I have not been able to confirm that. We both think this is a scam, is this routine for a league to ask for fees upfront?

    • Hi Tara,
      I can see you are already skeptical and you should follow your instincts. This is not at all routine to request a fee up front. Do you know the former player who brought the opportunity to you?
      A team is offering a job, and just like any other job, you don’t pay money up front to land a job. No professional league asks for fees from players they are planning to pay — that wouldn’t even make sense.
      If you continue communications with said team you can ask for full names of the owners and players and look them up online -- is a useful resource. Do not pay them anything.

      • Yes very skeptical and we’ve decided to do exactly just that and follow our instincts. We know of the player, he plays on the same team in a league. We do have the full name of the owner and I will look him up online. Thank you so much for the helpful information and we will not pay them anything!!!

  57. Can you play overseas if you haven’t played ball in college?

    • Yeah. I’ll do a write up on that in the future but the same principles apply to you as anyone else who did.

  58. Hey Dre I’m 19 and I feLL in love with basketball at a late age of 18 I just started to play but I want to play oversea really bad what can I do and can I still do I’m 5.9 and height don’t bother me

  59. Im 6’4 200 Lbs. From Baltimore , Md originally from the class of ’14 graduating at 17 . I did not get much exposure moving back and forth all my life by my senior year it ended up being the 5th High school from moving so much. Up until that point I’ve been legitimately playing the game since 8.Doing individual and professional training living in Baltimore I’ve had sessions with Carmelo’s trainer and more and knew I was different rom most kids talent wise just needed and opportunity to stay in one place and put it with a team , played for a couple aau teams under the whistle . Didn’t get to stay with them for long but I helped impact the teams when I did. What’s a definite killer for me is tape . I can hands down do a one on one with a coach or assistant and impress.I just turned 18 as of september want to use my talents , my mothers sick my family needs help and I live in a foster home now im just trying to ball and I know how hard ive and worked my talent . I don’t know what to do where to go , or how to get exposure I just know that, not just saying It could make it to the league if I wanted to and basketball is a passion to me not just a sport how can I get someone to find me or just show my talents Advice would really be helpful.

    • You said you could make the league if you wanted to. So you’d need to answer if you want to first.
      Next, what are you doing to help yourself right now? Talking doesn’t count. You are not the first player with challenges.
      Next, what is it you want right now? From me, from others, from yourself?
      Passion is worthless without action, and exposure comes when you perform — you haven’t done it. Exposure is not owed to you. You create exposure. Read what I’ve written on this site -- once you have, the next step is for you to take action to help yourself.
      You say you want advice, there it is. Get clear on what you’re doing and where you’re going because you have no idea right now.

  60. Hey Dre, I am a sophmore and i have been cut from my freshman and sophmore team. im a “good” player and I hit the gym everyday more than anyone on the team. What should i do to improve and make the team next year. I am pretty short but i am garunteed to grow. I am just a late springer.

  61. hey,i never got the answer for this,that i live in india,i have done my school and graduation from here can i make it for nba.would i be able to get into a usa college basketball team?

  62. Hi Dre! I have 3 questions:
    1- If I make it on the roster of a smaller, mid-major d1 school with a less successful basketball program, will I still have offers to play pro, (either overseas or in the wnba), regardless of how much I play at that school?
    2-Also, is there a good chance that I will have offers to play pro (wnba or overseas) if i make it on the roster of a d1 school with a successful basketball program, for example with a program that makes it to the ncaa tournament/march madness or finishes first or in the top three of their conference?
    3-And would I still get offers in the previous situation even if I don’t play a lot?

    Thanks for all the info on your website, it’s great.

    • Rebecca, your chances to play professional basketball will be 100% based on your performance on the court. Being on a roster, no matter who or where or how big/small the school is, guarantees you nothing. Your pro opportunities will all be earned.

      • Hey Dre:
        This is Derrell Jordan. I have a question for you? how do I get my opportunity are chance to play basketball oversea.

  63. Hi dre, I played in high school and played four years on the college level and i am ready to play at the next level. can you point me in the right direction? do you have any agents that can get me there? all i need is help getting my foot in and im going to do the rest.

  64. Yo Dre I’m 19 and after high school I followed other dreams and I’m not in shape anymore, how can I get back in shape so I can get back on the court and test my luck?

  65. Hey dre, how can you go play pro overseas after high school.

  66. How are you doing. My name is davonta . I love basketball and would like to further my my talent. To be honest i am a high school drop out but will do anything to make it to the top. I am 21years old. What shud i do if i wanted to go the over seas route? NEED ADVICE!!

    • Davonta, read the whole Guides & Tips page of this website. Everything you need to know is covered there.

  67. Hey Dre, I am 17 and entering my senior year in high school up in Seattle, WA. I played AAU this summer and have only been getting looks from one d1 school and numerous d3 schools. I have aspirations to play overseas one day. Of course I’d play in the NBA if called upon but I feel as though playing overseas would be an amazing alternative. My ultimate goal is to play in the Euroleague, what i want to know is “what steps should i take in order to get to that level”? and how does one come about getting a pro contract overseas?

    • Vince,

      1) Read the page you’re commenting on.
      2) You need to develop into a pro-worthy player first. You’re not even college level yet — you haven’t played on minute in the NCAA — but you’re thinking about the NBA and EuroLeague. Less than 1% of college players ever play pro. You very well could be one of them, but you have to do the work to make that real first. Which means four years of college ball. Pay attention to what’s in front of you first, then the other stuff later.

      Good luck

  68. yo Dre, this is my first time visiting the website and i learned a lot through reading, and watching your videos. I am currently attending a 2 year college that does not have a basketball program. I live in Minnesota, so there are not a lot of opportunities that have presented themselves. I have not played on a real basketball team in almost 3 years, but i train and work on improving my game every day. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to train me so i am prepared to take the next step in pursuing my basketball career.

  69. yo my name is willie malaret. Im looking for a training is u so were u come at poinciana city so u can train lot stuff. hope u text me back.

    • Willie I’m in Miami you’re near Orlando. You would have to cover my travel & training fees for that. If you’re still interested email me via the contact button.

  70. Well I’m 18 heading off to college but for my first 2 years I am going to train and practice the things I need to to play college basketball. But I’m going to a community college right now planning on transferring to UCSB or another school haven’t decided yet. I want to play division 1 but is there anything I should know. Since also transferring to a college of my choice is going to cost me a lot in loans. Is there anything you can tell me about the process.
    Btw I’m 5,11 150. Do I need to get more weight? I might not be very tall but I can use that to my advantage. Thanks man hoping for a reply!

    • You’ll need a lot of game to do all these things, so focus on that. Because without skill none of that stuff will happen.
      I cannot tell you anything about loans -- ask the financial aid people at your school of choice. All that info is freely available online and you’re responsible for knowing it.
      It’s not my call as to how much you should weigh — you are the player and it’s your body. You need to know this for yourself and optimize your body based on how you want to perform. I cover the workouts at

      Good luck!

      • Hey Dre I was wondering if tryouts are in Albama. And I need some more information on how I can play basketball overseas I’m 6’2 180 lbs and I play well I am just not on a team, but I do play in leagues all over in different states and people always ask why haven’t I went pro yet. I would appreciate the feedback.

  71. Dre all day how much will you charge to train I’m in Dallas the Texas legends tryouts are in November I don’t care how much it cost my name Tasman smith I’m 6’4 230 23 monkey arms if anything just pray for yo boy and Preciate the blog it’s simple like you said you want go get it I look at your videos then hit local recs

    • Tasman, I don’t like in Texas so logistically I couldn’t train you. I do, however, make customized programs at I’m about to easier the relates in that site very soon just so you know. Otherwise, you’d have to pay for my flight, Food and hotel to come to Dallas and train you, in addition to my training fee.

    • Tasman, I don’t live in Texas so logistically I couldn’t train you. I do, however, make customized programs at I’m about to easier the relates in that site very soon just so you know. Otherwise, you’d have to pay for my flight, Food and hotel to come to Dallas and train you, in addition to my training fee.

  72. Is there anywhere I can view your stats from when you played overseas or in the states?

  73. Hi Dre! I am 6″10 with a 7-2 wingspan. I was dismissed from a big time university (D1). Now I have only one year left to graduate and one year of eligibility left. My things is I’ve sat out a year because of transfer rules and this past year I lost my way due to lack of focus. I am wondering what are the chances of me just trying to go forth with a professional career, or should I just go back to school this last year to a D2 school? I’m confused to what would be a better option for me.. Could you please advise ? Thanks !!

    • William, you must decide if you’re ready for pro basketball, which I’ve covered in detail on this site (see full guides & tips page). You could always finish school any time but you also have the chance to finish your degree with one more year.
      You have to weigh all of this and make your choice as an adult. There’s no reason why you could not accomplish both when you’re focused.

  74. i want to know who do i have to get in contact with to try out for a team overseas … and how much does it cost to try out ? my questions will be appreciated , thanks .

  75. I’m a sophomore is High school and my grades are decent, and after high school i want to attend a cheap state school, is it possible to still have a career overseas with this little exposure.

    • Your pro career is dependent on your skills & performance, not “exposure”. So your game will answer that question.

      • I’m Justin Black 6’1.5 Guard/Forward athletic I need a way to get in here so I can be sen no film available Im 23 I love basketball and I have no outlets to help in this journey I need to get in front of someone so they can see me play let me prove myself what can I do .

  76. i currently am a sophomore at the d3 level and i am having a great career how hard will it be to make it overseas ?

    • That’s for you to decide. I’ve written plenty on this site; I have not withheld any info. The rest is on you.

  77. Just trying to find out if in your opinion it’s still accessible to go from no organized experience to playing either semi-professionally or professionally at my age and limited experience?

  78. How’s it going Dre. I’m a little older than most of the people I’ve seen looking for guidance on here (turning 29 in July). I don’t have much experience playing organized basketball, but I’d like to improve my game as much as possible and make a push to play where I can before it’s to late. I’ll read through the entirety of your website. Just wanted to put my question out there. Appreciate your time man.

      • I’ve already researched the 2 that you said you’ve been to, flights are not cheap. I’m interested in the EEBS, you think that it’s worth what you pay for it? Or if there are any other camps that you know of besides those 2, I’m googling but nothing is coming up

        • I’ve been to way more than two camps kid (written on this very website). And the “is it worth it” question is also addressed on this site; READ IT. People come here asking me for help and don’t take the time to read. Then want me to decide their actions like you’re some 12 year old. And if “nothing is coming up” on google either you cannot read & write or you’re lying and lazy. You’re an adult so start acting like one and take responsibility for what you claim you wanna do. All the info is here. Good luck.

  79. ya’ll can’t read? all i see is a bunch of excuses to some bullshit, the man said if you want to find an excuse you will, I’m a 2 time college drop out, for some bullshit excuse i went and found, i played with lamonte thomas at jwu his senior year 11-12 go look up that man on youtube , he made no excuses this game is all mental, I’ve fucked up just like 5 million other people out there but I’ll never quit and what I just read here reminded me I can’t quit. You can say I already quit school twice, but I just hit some bumps in the road and if you want to make it, you will.

  80. So im getting into a division 2 college and i dont know how to get myself noticed

  81. Wusup Dre,
    Watched all the videos and a common thing i noticed was you mentioned yoru physical skills alot. Im not athletic, cant dunk or jump high, but I shoot beyond the arch at a high percentage (above 40% consistently) and am a very skilled passer and rebounder. I have decent speed but not too much agility/quickness. I’m 6’3″ 200 lbs with a 21″ vert. Do i have a chance if i keep working on my shot and passing or should i work harder on my agility and quickness and balance out my game?

    • Watched all 3,000 vids? Haha… What you work on for your game is a decision you must make. There is only so much time/energy each of is have but you know your abilities better than anyone else does. As far as you having a chance, you decide if you have a chance — mentally. That has nothing to do with your height, weight or vertical jump. Did you read this page?

  82. I play reps basketball U14 and my coach cannot stop saying how much of a step this is up to being a pro is that true

  83. My sister just finished her final season playing D-1 basketball and she wants to try and play professionally, but she is not really sure were to start. I was wondering if the same basic principles that apply to men also apply to women? You may not know, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask!

    • Yes of course. If she’s at a D1 there are alumni who have also played pro ball — she should reach out to them directly. Her coaches would know where to find those players if she doesn’t know them herself.

  84. well im in the military but I love the game with everything in me an more i get out in another year an i want to try out for an overseas team. ill even do the d-league. i just wanted to knw your out look on that.

  85. Hello,

    My son is a senior in high school and is getting ready to graduate in June. He has played AAU for the last two years and will be playing again this year. My son is trying to play basketball in junior college and then transfer to a division 1 or 2 basketball program. I see that you said you played in a small college. Did you go pro overseas and are you happy with it?

  86. Im wanting to apply for overseas ball… As of now im in college at Arkansas Baptist College Buffalos playing ball

  87. yo i didnt graduate high school. dropped out because i was going through stuff. i had a dislocated lower back or contusions, dislocated collarbone, and ankle. im 18 and this happened november 2012 and i ended up getting depressed for a long time because i had high hopes on playing at a pro level and i felt like i couldn’t. my family wasnt supporting me, dont have a dad around and my mom just simply doesnt seem to care for the love i have for basketball. whats some of ur advice? and i was wondering if i can be some type of walk in at a college for basketball..? can u help me? it’d mean the world to me

    • No I can’t help you but I’ve written and recorded a lot of information you can use to help yourself. Read the Guides & Tips page on this website and good luck.

  88. I have not played college basketball because I ran rack but I was always better at basketball than anything, I have been training and training and want to get into combines and things like that. Do you have advice for a guy like me

  89. I’ve been watching your videos, and I’ve been wondering if you could give me some advice on filling out any camp applications. I don’t know whay site to go to or how. Can you please contact me at this address?

    • Why would you need advice filling out an application? Just answer what they ask you, there is no guesswork in that.

  90. what up dre,
    Im Noah form St. Louis and its been my dream to play in the nba and if not that pro ball overseas. I recently injured my ankle and its getting a lot better. I was supposed to play for my high school team but the new coach wouldnt let me because he messed my first day of try outs up. I went back to him and begged to get me on the team and that I would do anything to play and he just wouldnt let me. So I have been looking for places overseas lately for overseas basketball after high school and I havent found a lot of stuff. What do you think I should do Dre?

    • Look harder and drop the weak excuses. If you couldn’t play in HS you’re not pro basketball material. Look for a college team. I have covered that on this site also.

    • I’m a 18 year old has senior I moved around a lot and never got to play his basketball but I was able to get interest from d1 schools thru AAU should I go to a juco or walk on

  91. Hey I’m Rama Varma i’m 17 years old I’m a good Basketball player in India and i know I can go to the Nationals but my team mates aren’t really good and without them I really cant do much to go to the National Stage what should I do

  92. Hey Dre, my name is Bendly Valdor. I’m 22 years old, 6”2, 205 lbs and a 50 inch vertical. I’m currently doing ”CROSSFIT” and training every morning after work since everywhere I go, people keep telling me to go overseas and do something with my life. But now that I’m ready, I don’t know how to start. I looked everywhere on the internet to find an ”agent”, or even a tryout, but I couldn’t find anything . I asked many people, some say they know a few agents and would help me get in contact with them, but never did. Kinda figure out they forget about it by the time they get home or don’t really care. So I need your help man, anything at all, let me know.
    Instagram: Bendly_24 Bendly_24 follow me
    And thanks in advance man, I will really appreciate it.
    May God bless you and Happy New Year

    • Bendly,

      If you’re commenting on this page, I suggest you (re)read it. And if you wrote this comment that means you can write; you have an email address which means you know how to use the internet. So you’ve heard of and know how to use Google. So you’re no dummy.
      If you “can’t find” an agent through a simple internet search at age 22 then I have no idea how you read this website and wrote this comment asking for help when I covered it all already. You’re a grown man so I think you will figure it out.
      Good luck.

  93. Fgood stuff Dre. I’ve had it the hard way. Never made hs team. Worked hard den got on college d3 team. Worked harder after college was done, n I’m currently active 5 yrs overseas and minor professional here in the states. Networking and hardwork were the keys. Just like you mentioned. Keep pushing bro

  94. you’ve been extremely helpful. I’ve put so much effort into Basketball and it seems I’ve had the worst luck in it I was almost ready to give up but your advice have kept me going

  95. this is a very insightful article, something every serious player should read. Get working and never give up. Cheers

  96. I respect your talent and your accomplishments Dre , but any advice on how to find agents? I would love to work with you one day. Im from Orlando by the way; Orange county.

  97. Im a Talented Basketball Player But I Come From a Small Town only Know For E.C.U I Dont Wont to Attend I Have to Work My Butt of just to go to UNC or NC State or Wake Forest Like Brandon Ingram But I Wont to Play Overseas How Do I Get FIBA Scout Man Basketball Is My Love Never Lost to Ball 3 Pt Be Scream My Name I Just Wont to Know About Oversea Ball

  98. I just started playing ball and I’m in grad 12 in high school. Do you think I have enough time to make it pro if I work hard?

  99. And Dre, I really enjoyed your page man alot of good insight.. I am all in it to reach my dreams and I know it isn’t going to be easy. I just need more players to network with and get my game out there ya know? I play in 4 mens leagues right now, but I’m looking for better competition and I want to be able to really compare my game to the best of the best and showcase my skills to ppl who actually care lol.. I am an ultimate competitor and I want to play against others who can’t stand losing. If there is anyway we could get in contact and play hoops together or train sometime down the road that’d be great! I have some older game film from highschool I could show, but my game has improved dramitically in the last 4 years. I mean I still averaged over 22 a game in highschool, but my game has changed alot since then (for the better). What do you think about a video at the gym doing some shooting drills and pull ups? Or maybe recording my games in my mens league? Any advice from a crafty vet like you would be much appreciated! haha

    -Jordan C

    • Jordan, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I’m not sure you read or understood what I wrote here. Do you know how many players can easily claim everything you are claiming? No one cares what you *say you can do — where’s the proof of these skills? All that talk is worthless.

      This is the exact reason I took the time to do this writing because people don’t listen. If you cannot show on video these things you say — what professional club will sign you on your word? A 10-year-old girl could be writing this comment for all we know.

      If you’re in college, your focus should be on college. You leaving early for the NBA draft? If not, why are you talking overseas when you have a year of school left to play? Colleges film games — where’s the tape? The “weak scouting” excuse is complete bullshit — scouts watch players who can play, from Florida to Alaska to North Dakota. If no scouts paid attention to you, you and anyone else knows why.

      You’re in four men’s leagues — where’s the film?

      Take all the energy you put in to talking and put it towards action — there are 10,000 players in America talking the same shit you’re talking right now.

      I wrote things out in plain English. You may want to re-read this site. Good luck

  100. My name is Jordan Clark. I’m 22, I can ball w/ the best of them and I know it. Confidence, not arrogance. I’m from MN and the scouting over here was never very good for me and I went to a smaller school in highschool, so didn’t get much recognition.. Anyone out there who can help me PLEASE get in contact with me. I will show you what I can do. I am 5’11, 180 lbs, I can dunk a ball easy. 45 inch vertical, 4.4 40 yrd dash. My game consists of driving the ball and scoring whenever I please against whoever guards me. I have a super fast and explosive first step that’s virtually unguardable. I can pull up on a dime from anywhere on the court. Midrange is strong and can shoot the 3 at a very high percentage. I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything like that, but I know I can ball at least overseas at the highest level.. When i step on the court I believe that I am the best player on the floor and I carry that w/ me whereever I go with a ball in my hand. I am a scoring guard, but I play really tough defense and crash the boards hard.. When I penetrate I draw defenders and find my teammate for the wide open 3 or layup.. PLEASE! I am almost done w/ my bachelors degree, will be in a year. I told myself that before I choose the life of sitting behind a desk being miserable all day, that I am going to do whatever it takes to play professional ball for the nect 10-13 years of my life. Reply to my comment fellow ballers if you are interested in joining forces in trying to make it big!! Much love to all the ballers out there!

  101. Ive been out of school for 3 years but still been practicing hard and playing basketball everyday. how can i get back out on the court for the school or overseas. im looking for all suggestions.

  102. pretty glad of how yu put things together an show me how to become a better player an student

      • Hey my name is ANthony Jones, I have not had the chance to play college ball due to an injury but I am recovering now and getting back in the gym. I feel as though I have to start from the very bottom going into my junior year. I just wanted to know if you could give me any information that would help me so that could have an opportunity to get overseas and play. I have a great passion for the game and great story of my background that would clearly show my drive and love for the game. Could you be of any assistance?

  103. I really love the game of basketball I’m 15 and my parents are always telling me that I should have a plan b but I really believe that I could make it to the pros but it just seems like my parents aren’t 100% behind me any advice on things I should work on as a guard?

    • The “Parents” Issue is covered on the Guides & Tips page.
      You first need to figure out what your game is. From there you decide what that entails. There is no one way any player must play regardless of position.

  104. Im 24 i didn’t go to collage i had to take care of my family and went threw a lot i was a great high school player my last year of high school i had 1,468 points all i do is play ball and train i play in a lot of tment around my area im 6’4 230 i play every spot on the court so what should i do about falling my dreams

    • Honestly Jermaine, you’re a grown man, asking another man what you should do. You need to make that decision yourself. Good luck

  105. I want a career in overseas basketball ima 18 got one best jumper and run like the wind stay in madsion il

  106. Dre I’m 24 years old never really played any serious ball is there a way tomaybe get overseas?

  107. Im from new york and im a junior from seward park campos my school is not known and we dont get looked at. Im trying to go overseas to play basketball how do I go about that??

  108. Question my son loves ball made all conferance in bball and baseball graduated and went to a junior college not of his choice and decided to only play baseball…he does not like baseball half as much and know does not want to play baseball anymore…he want to play basketball full time…he want to leave the junior college he is at go to another school and start fresh next season…is there any after high school programs or leagues he can play in being he is 18 and out of high school?

    • Maybe a prep school. You’d have to look them up and find requirements necessary, I’m sure plenty of info is online but you’ll have to look. At his age he should be doing this research/work for himself.

  109. Hi, my son has been scouted three times by the national melbourne team in Australia. He is fifteen and he is six foot six, we are going overseas for him to play basketball in china. We are planning of going next year, is he too young?

    • Really no way of judging from here. There’s no one “right” way of going about things in basketball. If you and he feels he’s ready then go for it!

  110. Would Asia and Europe have an equivalent to NCAA? If not what would be the alternative requirements to enter an oversease team.

    • NCAA is an American institution. If you live out there, research your options. There are colleges but the hoops are not like the USA, players that age who are serious generally join pro systems/clubs. Again, if you live out there it’s your job to look into those clubs

  111. I have always wanted to do something with my skills and this has inspired me to do so. I am considering overseas basketball, continents or countries you would recommend? My work is inspired by you

  112. That third vid on this page inspired me man, keep doing wat ur doing man, u the man.

  113. Hey I have been trying to get the hoop handbooks but my parents wont agree to give me the money for it. Any word of advice?

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