High School Player Who Wants To Play Pro Basketball? What You Are [Really] Up Against

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Before I get into this, I have two things I want you to see and understand. Before that, even, I want to make something clear: This page is not written to discourage you from your hoop dreams. If you have a goal of “making it” as a basketball payer, whatever that may entail for you, I’m here to share as much useful and actionable information as I can. If that’s your goal, I want you to reach it. What I am going to do on this particular page is make you understand exactly what you need to keep in mind moving forward towards those goals.

Got it? Good.

First, take a good look at this chart. It comes straight from the NCAA Research Committee.

ncaa probability high school to college to professioanl basketball dreallday.com

Now, take a look at this one, from PercentageCalculator.com. I used the “Percent High School to Professional” number to figure out how many other player you’ll have to beat out to actually make it, scientifically.

how many hs players you have to beat out to make the pros in basketball dreallday.com

In other words, 1 in 3,335 high school basketball players will make it to the pros.

Do you understand what you’ve read thus far? If not, go back and read it again.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want you to internalize what I’m about to say. Don’t memorize it — memorizing depends on your long term memory, and it will, at times, fail. I memorized enough useless information to graduate from Penn State University and couldn’t tell you a damn thing from most of the classes I “passed.” Memory is nothing.

Internalizing things means that you know them, understand them, and absorb them into your being so that they become part of your character. You don’t have to think about or memorize something that has been internalized, because it is a part of you.

Now back to the charts. So the odds of you making aren’t one in a million after all — just one in three thousand. Better percentages, at least. On a serious note, what you need to take away from me is this: There are probably fewer than 3,000 players in your high school league right now. Maybe fewer than 3,000 players in your entire city. That means, there’s a good chance that not a single one of you will ever make $1 playing professional basketball in your lives.

But Dre, you say, I thought you said you weren’t tying o discourage us?!

I’m not. I’m informing you.

Informing you that you better think of these charts the next time you decide to do something just because everyone else is doing it. Or the next time you do something that you know wont help you get to where you’re going, because peer pressure made you fold. Think of this page the next time you don’t want to get back on defense or set a good screen for you teammate or complain because you havant gotten the ball for a few plays or botch about your coach being the reason that you aren’t performing.

In the end, when 3,334 of you never made the pros, the 1 who did is the only one who people will remember. Will it be you? If so, you better start doing what 3,334 other players aren’t doing. Start thinking like 3,334 other players aren’t thinking. Start playing like 3,334 other players aren’t playing. Take actions, do the thing that you need to do but don’t want to do, like 3,334 other players wont do.

You will never become 1 in 3,334 by doing what the other 3,334 are doing. 

Never forget this.

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