How To Try Out For The NBA G-League: A Can’t Miss, Step-By-Step Guide

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Trying out for the NBA G-League is a hot topic amongst many fledgling/not-even-close-to-serious basketball players, and for good reasons:

  1. It’s pretty simple and easy: Pay $100-200, show up for one day (often with negligible associated travel costs), play some ball, and maybe, just maybe, you make it.
  2. It’s as far as many people will go to make their basketball “dreams” happen — little effort, not much planning required, relatively low investment. For these people, those “dreams” are, as Chin-Ning Chu states in Thick Face, Black Heart, “just idle ruminations” — something you say because it sounds cool and ambitious, but you have no real plans to do anything that approaches inconvenience to make them come to fruition.
  3. Piggybacking on #2, it sounds, to the untrained ear, as if you’re serious about doing something in the profession of basketball when you know you’re not. “Oh, Pookie is trying out for the G-League on Sunday?! He’s serious about this basketball thing!” FOH. [Cynical much, Dre? Just humor me — I’ve seen and heard a lot when it comes to pro basketball and the people who claim they wanna be involved.]

That being said, this is another one of those I-shouldn’t-even-be-writing-this posts. Why?

  1. If you, Mr. Basketball Player, are serious about trying out for the G-League, you would go find the information yourself and do what you needed to do to make that tryout opportunity happen. It’s not like info on the G-League is hidden away somewhere hard to find.
  2. There is no indication, anywhere, that would have you believe I am some authority on the NBA G-Legaue. I haven’t even played in it myself! Haha… And, maybe it’s just me, but if I want information on a basketball league, I’m going straight to the source: The league itself, or someone who works there — not some random player who may or may not have accurate/updated information. But that’s just me.
  3. Because most of the people who write me some dumbass email/comment in the vein of “How do I tryout for the G-League?” aren’t even halfway serious about it, but since they see the way I respond to inquiries on my site, they figure it’s worth a try. And dammit, since I’m writing this post, I guess it works! Ha.

How To Try Out For The NBA D-League A Step-By-Step Guide dre baldwin dreallday.comSo, without further ado, here is your can’t-miss strategy guide for trying out for the NBA G-League:

  1. I’m pretty sure 18 is the minimum age; you can check on that at the link in #3.
  2. It does not matter where you have or have not played before, as far as getting on the court and trying out goes. As for making it? That is another story.
  3. Decide if you will attend a local tryout or the National G-League Tryout. All of that info, when and if available, will be on the G-League website. (This sentence alone can be this entire post, but bear with me — not everyone is as smart as you, OK? Tolerance.)
  4. Pre-Register for the camp you’ve decided on, and pay in advance — in my experience, pre-registration costs are lower than what you’d pay at the door, so you have an incentive to plan ahead.
  5. Get ready by WOYFG and being in shape. You know, like a basketball player is supposed to be doing without being told to.
  6. Show up and perform. What should you expect? You should expect to play basketball.  I don’t really get why players always ask this, but dammit, if I can milk page views from answering it, so be it — I wrote an entire post about this very question. Help me out here.
  7. You are now at the mercy of the decision-makers. Your opinion of your game/readiness/performance doesn’t matter if it doesn’t jibe with theirs. Such is the life of a seller in buyer’s market. Good luck!

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  1. Hey man do you need to have orginized highschool or college ball experience to enter into an open tryout?

    • Thankyou for your time I found out how it works Thankyou.

  2. Hey dre, big respect bro, 2 things though, 1- I’m not from America but I’m in the process of getting my visa will I be able to tryout for the Gleague? 2- I’m 31 years of age in top shape and condition, will my age be an issue in getting into the league? Please email me if possible at [email protected]

  3. I’m 23 6’2 155lb a combo guard with crafty handle,quickness! And I can jump really high I can shoot the three and have a pretty nice mid range game and I can put it on the floor I’m pretty explosive but I haven’t played organized basketball but I want to play overseas or the d league what do I need such as people to help me

    • Trey, I’m not a scout or coach; I don’t care about the skills you claim to have. Reading everything I have written on this website would be a good start in helping yourself.

  4. Hey what’s up Dre, My name Is DeShawn Grey, I moved to Orlando Florida from Tennessee in February to play semi pro basketball to get exposure. During the process the guy who was the coach wasn’t fulfilling Anything he said to get me down here originally. I found out about a tryout held in Sioux fall online in Sept also with A Miami tryout in October. I’ve been training since April for these tryoutsy counting down the days. I’m going over the site today planning to book a plane ticket for the month of September tryout to see that the tryout information was from 2015. I’m devasted , my heart is haven’t cause I have day in and out been in the gym, training, lifting, agility, Speed, quickness everything to ensure I’m the best when I show up. Right now that I won’t have a opportunity for my chance this year. When is a tryout coming up for any dleague teams for this year? If there is anything I can do please let me know.

    • DeShawn, I dont work for the DLeague so I am not the one to tell you the where/when etc of their tryouts. What I do know, though, is that their individual team tryouts – like the one in Idaho you mentioned – happen in September/October. I’d suggest you contact the DLeague and specific teams on Twitter and ask. Good luck!

  5. I’m conditioning on my own my question to you is how much did you run to prepare for it I’m a 6’7 combo guard and only thing holdin me back is being in top shape

  6. I’m 32 a great basketball player I beat most point guards in tryouts a couple years back though I didn’t try out I was just there people tell me I’m to old to play ball but I’m in great shape and really feel I’m better now than at 25 could I make the league if my skill is great I could shoot like curry from anywhere withing the court though I’m 5″11″ 〽️

    • That’s great. I’m not an agent or coach, though, so youre selling yourself to the wrong person. Read the Help page here if you need to know what to do now.

  7. Im 6’0 and I played pf in high school. I can grab tebounds real good, I grab rebounds over guys that’s 4 inches taller then me cause of my long arms and vertical. I want to be a good ball handler but it feel uncomfortable just because I lived in the paint when I play on the court. I’m not and offensive person but I love jumps shots. I guess I’m asking should I step my game up as a point guard or be a good rebounder/defensive player like tony Allen but I’m on 6’0. I have some videos on YouTube to show my vertical 2K VENOM. Good information will help me out.

    • You sound like you need to make a decision, not gather information. Nothing stopping you from having both skills instead of choosing between them. And you should always step your game up, no matter the size, age or style.

  8. If I were to try out and went to more than 1 local tryout, would I have to pay the registration fee for each individual tryout?

  9. I am 15 years old and 4’95 ,which position do you think is right for me

  10. If i am not a AMERICAN , can i still join after i came to America to do the try out at the age of 18 (no college or high school experience )

    • There are no country restrictions. I don’t know if you’d want to invest the entry fee into trying out if you have no game though, based on your lack of experience. But it’s your money. Read more on their site.

  11. This how you help us black young men looking for a chance…….Smh

    • Chances are taken, not looked for. If you looked at my site you’d see that I’ve offered more info on pro Bball than any person you can name. If you would read and use it you wouldn’t be here whining like a bitch. And if you don’t like it, stay the fuck off my website. I didn’t ask you to come here.

  12. Was up Dre been having trouble getting to the site to see when is the next d league tryouts

  13. I really want to play college basketball! I’m 19 my birthday is Dec 3, I graduated last year 2015, I started on my versity men basketball team! It was great! But trying to play on a College team is very hard, no coach will give tryouts, I think I have a better chance at getting looks on the D Leage.

  14. Dre I’m 18. Just turned 18, 5’11-6ft. Can dunk and quick with the ball. Athletic. Unfortunately being 13 in 9th grade and younger than everyone in highschool I wasn’t really mature enough to focus. So I did good but not straight a’s. I started on varsity since sophomore year the very last game all the way up to this year my senior year. I just graduated HS. I was going to play college I got 2 offers but a whole of things happened that got in the way. Not trouble or anything. I still want to play college ball but it’s not as easy now. I am considering working until next year non stop because I believe no one has the drive I have. And would I have an advantage being 18 next d league try out 2016, and being able to out shine some older players if I put in the work for a year. Is that wise to do? I could be a player teams build on being young. I am healthy and always have been. Average 22 points 8 asts 3 steals a game. Basketball is my passion and I will do what it takes to play next level college or pros. I will not quit but I really would appreciate your insight. Thank you! I’m also always willing to listen and be coached.

    • You seem to have your plan already, so work your plan and make it happen. My insight: I get this same message from someone every day. Don’t talk about it — do it.

  15. Can u try out for the nba dleague without experience and when is the best month to sign up

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