You Really Want to Play Basketball, But Need Motivation To Play? This is Especially For You

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You Really Want to Play Basketball, But Need Motivation To Play? This is Especially For You dre baldwin dreallday.comDre, I really want to play basketball. Playing the game is my passion! Ive wanted this my whole life, more than anything else I’ve ever wanted. I want to be the best payer and help my family because they really ned it. The only problem is I don’t have motivation to practice a lot. Can you give me some tips?

This is what you need to do if you don’t have motivation to play or practice basketball: Find the activity that you are motivated to practice, and do that instead of forcing yourself to be motivated for basketball.

Basketball is not a requirement of life for nay of you. It is a game, a voluntary one at that. No one is forced to play basketball. Only a small percentage of you will ever make $1 playing basketball professionally.

I say that to say this: There is nothing wrong with being a recreational for-fun basketball participant. Most players will end up as this anyway, even if they don’t intend to.

There is some activity out there for you, unmotivated basketball player, for which you will never need to seek out a person to motivate you. You may already know, deep down, what that is. Go and do it. If you have no idea what that activity is for you, you need to stop wasting time chasing basketball and put energy into figuring this out. This is your life, after all. What are you waiting for, someone to tell you what to like, what to think, and what to do? Keep waiting.

I can understand seeking motivation to do unpleasant things that may be required in your life — like going to school and studying, going to work at a job you don’t enjoy, house chores. There are some things you will have to do when you don’t want to; basketball is not and will not ever be one of them. You can walk away from basketball at any time, and you will need to answer only to yourself about it.

But seeking motivation to do something that you don’t even have to be doing is a waste of time and energy. Stop that.


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