Camp Review: Court-Side Agency — Las Vegas, NV

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I was still recovering physically from Pula (a week earlier) when I got there, so not a lot to say about Court-Side in Vegas (I would’ve canceled my appearance had the camp fee and my flight been refundable). I’d been to Vegas — and Court-Side’s camp — before. I did get some measurements done in Vegas, which was useful.

Remember how, at the EEBS, I got to play point guard? Well, at Court-Side, I ended up on a team with 3 point guards, all 6 feet tall. I played small forward for all 3 games.

Overall, just like any other camp I’ve been to, I made it work for me and met some good people out there, putting the time and effort to good use like any smart person would.

We stayed at the Palace Station hotel & casino (every hotel in vegas is a “hotel and casino”) and it was a nice spot. Lots of food, gambling and entertainment choices all in one space. The buffet we had meal vouchers for was on point, with more food choice than I had stomach space. There were players from another camp staying at the same hotel as us; I saw a few people I know.

I was surprised to see that Court-Side saved some money on hiring actual coaches for the 8 teams at the camp. I believe there were 3 team coaches there. My team was coached by a guy who was an actual player — not playing at the camp, but he was a player, not a coach — that was from the area and cool with the organizers. We ran no plays; this camp was a pickup game tournament. I guess the economy is hurting everyone.

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