Camp Review: D-League Local Team Tryout — Miami, FL

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Going to a local D-League tryout, I expected about 25 guys to be in attendance, also trying out. Turned out there were 80.

They ended up starting the workout early, actually, as the entire thing got spilt into two groups — my group went first — of 40 players apiece for about 3 hours of work.

The tryout’s contents:

  1. Dynamic warmup led by team’s trainer (15 minutes)
  2. 3-man weave drill with 5 passes, 4 passes, 3 passes as prescribed by coaches (~20 minutes)
  3. 3-man weave drill with 3 defenders on the way back, playing live offense vs. defense (to test in-shape-ness of the defensive players — they had to sprint down to the baseline and back to defend). (~25 minutes)
  4. Coach demonstrates two set half-court plays, splits group into teams of five, gives us 3 minutes to practice plays (~10 minutes)
  5. Full court play on sideways courts (40 minutes)
  6. Coach installs two other plays, breaks group into teams of 10 players each. (~5 minutes)
  7. Full court play on main court, 5 players at a time with 5 subs entering at halfway mark (~45 minutes)
  8. End.

The video below explains the entire process in full.

[nggallery id=31]

The outcome of the tryout and subsequent Training Camp Decision:

That referenced Facebook Post is here

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