Be A Cruise Ship: Know Where You’re Going

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Be A Cruise Ship: Know Where You're Going | Dre BaldwinI’ve never been on a cruise, but living in Miami there are plenty of great places to watch the boats take off or return to the port. And if you got on one of those boats and talked to the person steering it, you’d know exactly where it was going.

No ship ever leaves its port without knowing exactly where it is headed, or without a complete, clear plan of how it will get there. At any point, if you talked to the person at the head of a ship, he can tell you exactly where it is headed and when it will get there. There is never a point when the person steering a ship would reply I don’t know if you asked where the ship was going. If a ship is out on the water with no particular place to go, it’ll run out of steam and stall in the middle of the ocean, forever at the mercy of the waves, just floating about.

This is a good way to describe most people. No destination, no plan, floating along the waves to get to wherever.

Where are you going? When will you get there, and how do you know? Do you have a plan?

Also, ships don’t sit in the port idly for too long, lest they rust out and no longer be useful. The world is constantly moving; there is no neutral in life. You’re either moving forward or going backwards after so long.

Are you getting better or worse? Where are you headed? How? When?