Be A Story Or Statistic: Your Choice

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You’ve heard those saying before, about every area of life —

___ (big number) percent of people who do that don’t make it.

Only ___ (small number) percent of people who play that sport make it pro!

____ percent of businesses fail!

The status are actually true, to the best of me knowledge. Cliches become cliches because they’re, for the most part, accurate.

But here’s the thing: Each of us has a choice as to which we will be:

  1. The statistic who failed/quit/didn’t make it in some way
  2. The one who made it through to tell their story

Understand: Each of us will go through the same BS, challenges, setbacks. We will all have days and weeks and years where we feel like giving up and doing something else. The statistics are the ones who fall during those periods. The stories are the ones who go through it just the same, but keep going and come out on the other side with a story to tell.

Your choice.