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Get a pen & paper – or New document if you’re digital – and write your life. No – not a book where you talk about what already happened.
Write down what’s gonna happen.

Write how you’ll feel every day, and how you’ll feel about yourself.

Write about the people you keep around you, the purpose they serve, and how you all make each other better.

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Write your business / work life: what you do, who you serve, how they benefit from you, and why you do it.

Write your material life in detail: where you live, how you live, who else lives there. How you get around, where you travel to.

Write about your friends and family. Your pets, if you have any. Your clothes and cars.

Write everything your life will be like, and don’t leave anything out.

Read it. Then start living like it.

[From The Mental Workbook]


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