Belief & Faith: The Difference

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Belief & Faith: The Difference | Dre BaldwinBelief exists when you have some proof or tangible reason to know something. A good basketball player believes he will play a good game tomorrow because he knows he has practiced and lot and has played well before.

Faith is believing when there is no real reason for you to believe. Much of many religions are based on faith. A church pastor has faith in the afterlife even though he has never been dead before and has no actual proof.

You start with faith. Faith that you can succeed even though there is no past evidence of your success or even confidence in your potential. You must step out on faith with things in order to get started. That’s how we learn to walk, ride bikes, start our first blogs or businesses.

You begin to believe in yourself when you know you can be successful — because you’ve done it, in whole or in part, before. If you’ve scored 10 points, you believe you can score 15.

Fear and pessimism are also belief in faith, used to negative ends. Fear is a belief that something bad will take place. Faith in a negative outcome, with no actual evidence of this outcome results in pessimism and fear.

You have a choice in how you use your faith and belief. Both are based on the unknown, and are painted by your conscious thoughts: the only thing in life which you control completely 100% of the time.