The Bell Around The Cat’s Neck

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There was a group of mice who had a big problem: the house cat. Anytime a mouse went out into the house to find food, its life was on the line. The mice decided they couldn’t live this way much longer. The mice called a meeting to figure out what to do next about the cat.

A bright idea was shared with the group: We should put a bell around the cat’s neck!

bell around the cat's neck

This way, every time the cat is near, the bell will alert us to his presence. Then we can escape and live to see another day. 

What a great idea! The mice all celebrated and rejoiced to the fact that the problem of the cat had finally been resolved.

Then, the oldest, wisest mouse spoke up.

This is a great idea, of putting a bell around the cat’s neck. But, who is going to actually put the bell around the cat’s neck? 

The meeting turned silent.

Many times, someone tells me about some great way I could reach more people or get more followers or make more money. Some of their ideas sound promising. For the ones that do, I always ask the same question: What can you do to make this idea actually happen?

I’ve yet to get a useful response.

You don’t need to protect your ideas. They’re free, easy to come by and are worth less and less the longer they exist as just ideas.  The only real value of an idea is in its execution.


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