How To Make Every Day Your Best Day

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You know those days.

You awaken with an unusual burst of energy. You move faster. You’re getting more things done, and doing it more quickly. You move from one task to another seamlessly with no lag time. You’re on top of everything, instead of everything being on top of you.

How great would it be to have this being your normal day? Is it possible?

It would be AMAZING. And yes – of course it’s possible.

Here’s what you need to do:

Get Your Rest. Forget any hacks you may have read about, or stories of people who need only half the normal recommended sleep time of 7-9 hours. Sleep is a human requirement dictated by the universe. No one has cheated this rule and won. In fact, sleeping less than what your body needs actually shaves years off your life.

Oh — you can’t sleep more because you have so much to get done? I understand. Start sleeping more, and with that increased energy and sharper mind, you’ll get more done in less time. Problem solved.

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Get a Sense Of Urgency. We all have had that fire lit under our butts at some time or another. And miraculously, we get a lot more done then than otherwise. The challenge, though, is creating this urgency instead of having it thrust upon us by circumstances or other people’s agendas.

How to do this? Glad you asked…

Get a Purpose That’s Bigger Than Today’s Work. Turning in an assignment, lifting a certain weight, or completing a business transaction may have wired for you yesterday. But now that it’s done, what about today? You don’t want to be a firefighter, chasing small flames every day to spark that fire in you. Connect all of your day’s work to a larger purpose that encompasses EVERYTHING you do. Get a Purpose That's Bigger Than Today's Work. Click To Tweet

If you aren’t sure what that larger purpose is, now would be a good time to start thinking about it.

Put Your Blinders On. Most people drift through life with no sense of urgency about anything. Yes, they work, earn, and maybe even support a family. But are they ON FIRE about anything? Are they driven by something bigger than the present tasks? By the way, you wouldn’t need to ask them — those who are, you know without them saying a word about it. You can FEEL it.

Because of this lack of urgency in society, looking around at what others are doing is a waste of time and energy. You agree that what you focus on, you create, right? None of these other people has a purpose like you. None of them is driven like you. So looking at them will only slow you down.

Put your attention only on what YOU need to do, and ignore them. Before you know it, they’ll all be watching you, anyway. Put your attention only on what YOU need to do, and ignore them. Click To Tweet

Great days don’t have to be once in a blue moon, nor do they need to be based on people or things which you don’t control. You can make a great day happen whenever you want.

How about starting today?