Better To Be Ridiculous Than Boring

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Better To Be Ridiculous Than Boring | Dre BaldwinMany people are boring. Nondescript, nothing notable in their conversation. You meet them and forget them as soon as the conversation is over.

Boring people get forgotten quickly.

You’re better off being ridiculous. Make something about you stand out — your dress, your speech, your energy — something that makes people remember you. Even if it’s ridiculous, you’re better off being remarkably ridiculous than forgettably boring (Yes – there are benefits to being boring and slipping under the radar, but this is only useful once you’ve established a cache of remarkability. Most people are not in a position to actively avoid attention. Get it first, dodge it later.).

Ridiculous stuff gets laughed at, and we remember what makes us laugh. People won’t believe you’re audacious enough to be that crazy and they’ll talk about it. The boring people who would never do the ridiculous stuff you’re doing will admire your boldness. You’ll draw attention.

Attention will make you money. Boring will make you fall asleep.

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