Better to Be Stupid

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Better to Be Stupid dre baldwin dreallday.comThey say the old golfer is more prone to mistakes simply because he knows what all the possibilities are.
And the young golfer can win since she isn’t even aware of all the things that could go wrong.

As life goes, we accumulate experiences. And experience comes from mistakes, not successes. Every single experience-building mistake leaves a small bit of residue in our psyches, reminding us of how we might lose or fail. We are very experienced, very smart, and hurting ourselves with our own experience.

Sometimes it’s better to be stupid.

You don’t know why your idea won’t work because you’ve never tried anything like this.

You don’t know how hard it really is to get that business off the ground; this is your first business, after all.

You’re not aware of the statistics of how many high school players ever make it pro, you’re just focusing on you making it pro.

And you’re more bold, ambitious and confident because of this ignorance.

It truly can be bliss.

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