Blatant snitching

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I saw a video of the line outside a New York City sneaker store on Sunday. People were waiting to get into the Big Baller Brand pop-up shop and buy gear, get autographs etc. I think LaVar Ball is a great attention-grabber (and keeper). I gave an entire episode of my podcast to talking up him and his actions.

Then I saw a clip from the Today Show of LaVar and his son. The son had been on a trip to China with UCLA basketball and was caught shoplifting with two other players. Dumb kid mistake. Fine. On the Today Show, though, LaVar’s kid blamed his deed on the other two guys, saying his was merely following them.

That’s snitching. Blatant snitching. On national television, no less. And Dad sitting there Co-signing it.

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If you’re under 21, this probably isn’t a big deal to you. Our current world is about what’s A) Attention-worthy B) Funny C) Emotional D) Shareable. LaVar is all of the above. But I was born in 1982. My coming-of-age was the 90s. Snitching — which includes excusing your mistake by pointing out someone else’s apparently bigger mistake — was a crime in the court of public opinion that could ruin your reputation, if not your entire career.

BBB is as popular as ever. They deserve to be. I mean, snitching is not an actual crime. And the 90s were a long time ago.

Sh*t changes fast. Some things, at least for me, ain’t ever changing.