Book Review: 279 Days To Overnight Success

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This is from my Books page, on which you will find reviews of all of my favorites.

“This particular report, however, is not fit a general readership. It’s for bloggers, writers, online artists, and anyone otherwise interested in creating a new career or expanding their influence using social media. If you want your online presence to grow far belying what it is now, read and apply.”

Chris (I’m not spelling out his last name) wrote a book I read this summer and I became a fan of his website. 279 is one of a couple of PDF offerings he shares for free to his readers.

279 is all about building a blog from nothing to something, with a timeframe. I’m not trying to do what Chris did or does — full time writing in any medium bores me as a career option — but I read anything from which I may glean a few pieces of information that could help me in some way. This short reading does just that.

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