Book Review: 50×50

April 27, 2011

This is a review from my Favorite Books list; the link from which will be also on the Books Page.

“Sometimes bad things happen. This is reality.”

My favorite thing about 50 Cent is how he can speak so clearly about situations, both good and bad, that have happened to him and that he took part in happening to others, as if he were describing a trip to the post office. It’s interesting to hear a person speak with such a calming tone about something as traumatic as getting shot 9 times or a fistfight in a room with 15 assailants and no one on his side.

50×50 Didn’t really tell me anything new about 50 Cent or his career — I pretty much know most of it, and if you are a fan of rap music, you do, too. But a lot of the books I read/ talks & interviews I listen to/ TV shows I watch are not to learn information form the people I like. I pay attention to glean little things from them, like some off-hand comment 50 would make in this book about how or why he made a certain song or what someone said to him that led to a physical altercation. Same as with the Four Hour Body — I don’t need workout advice, but I knew I’d learn something from Tim Ferriss. If I can grab even one such nugget from a book, it’s worth it.

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