Book Review: Assholes Finish First

January 11, 2011

This is a review from my Favorite Books list; the link from which will be also on the Books Page.


“The biggest difference between school and work is not free time, not responsibility, not money, not even access to college bars and parties. The biggest difference is hope. When you’re still in school… your “real life” is still in front of you. It’s not like that with work… If you hate your job or what’s going on with your life, there isn’t an obvious end to it or an obvious escape. I mean, besides alcohol.”

Tucker Max’s two books are full of stories about drinking, sex, and audacious drunk antics which often include sex. Funny thing about Tucker’s books is, when I finish one, I feel like I need to learn more about history, philosophy, and human psychology.

Tucker is a smart dude. Not just start-a-successful-business-of-being-yourself smart, but world history/ human psychology/ quoting-the-ancient-Greeks smart. That’s what makes the fact that he writes about what he writes about somewhat ironic and damn funny (on top of the fact that it’s *actually funny).

For the less intellectually inclined, best thing about TM and his work is that he lacks any feelings of self-conscience. Really insecure people will read this book and get excited and think, “(if I had more self-confidence) That’s EXACTLY what I would do/say/think!!!” Me, I read Tucker’s stories and love them. I laugh. A LOT. Hard. Some of Tucker’s philosophies challenge my own thinking. And many of his stories, I laugh, and think to myself, that’s quite humorous, but not something I would do or say. I would enjoy watching Tucker do it, but that is just not me.

Assholes is another winner from Tucker. He claims to have at least 2 more books’ worth of material to publish; you know where you’ll find the reviews.

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