Book Review: Design Crazy by Max Chafkin

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“Steve wore the same clothes presenting that he wore every day. Whatever he did, it was to make himself more comfortable, to remove all the variables. “

Design Crazy is a short book out together by the people at Fast Company, a business magazine that I’ve been following online for awhile. The beauty of the book is in it’s seeming weakness: No one who works at Apple currently spoke to the author. All the quotes and first-person accounts (which comprises 99% of the text) are from former Apple employees. There are a lot of them, and each one seems to now be a CEO or founder of some other highly successful and name brand company, which shows the kind of talent Apple has been great at recruiting. The book is all about the hard-driving Steve Jobs and his single mindedness on design and simplification of the products Apple has rolled out over the last 20 years, which were not all — at re beginning at least — the smash successes posterity has proven them to be. The book is only $1.99 in iBooks – buy it, read it in a day or three and learn a bit about the company I’m pretty sure you’ve spent thousands of dollars purchasing from. design crazy fast company max chafkin

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