Book Review: Ego Trip's Book Of Rap Lists

August 19, 2009

This is a review from my Favorite Books list; the link from which will be also on the Books Page.


“Poppin’ champagne like we won the championship.”

If you like Hip-Hop or rap music in general (up to 1998, which was the cut-off date for the items reviewed for this book), this book is a must-have! 350 pages of lists, lists, and more lists on everything in rap from “10
Weak Debut Singles By Major Rap Performers” to “15 Rappers Who Have Been Photographed In The Buff Or In Their Drawers” to “10 Things Lyor Cohen Says To Motivate His Artists,” anything you could think of in rap is covered here.

Funny how I obtained this book… I read about it in XXL magazine, and placed a call to the book store I was most familiar with — the Waldenbooks at the Plymouth Meeting Mall — to see if they had it in stock. Naturally, this suburban mall was not carrying the publication but would order and hold it in my name. It came in and they called and told me I could come and get it. I asked what the price was for the book and was told $20. Cool. I went to the store and told them my name, and that there was a book being held in my name. The woman at the counter, obviously new at the job, found it and handed it to me, and then there was a spilt second of hesitation between us — the moment where I was expecting to pay $20 for the book and the moment she was expecting me to walk away, since she apparently assumed I had paid for the book already. Long story short, I got Ego Trip’s Book Of Rap Lists for free.


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