Book Review: How To Be A Great Boss by Jeffrey J. Fox

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“The great boss stirs the people. The great boss elevates, applauds, and lauds the employees. The great boss makes people believe in themselves and feel special, selected, anointed. The great boss makes people feel good.”

I grabbed this hardcopy book from a friend who wasn’t using it and told them I’d read it… in 2014. I never read physical copies of books these days; my entire 300-book library is all stored in apps on an iPhone. So Great Boss sat in closets, on shelves and in a moving box for a year. The I had a trip with 4-hour flights on both ends and I packed this book with a goal of reading it on the way. I figured if it was terrible, there had to be at least one good nugget in there for my use.

I found 50.

Great Boss is exactly what is claims to be: a series of rules and principles for being the best boss (you can seamlessly substitute in “leader” here) you can be. Simply stated and profound points that all leaders may know in some area of our minds, but could use a friendly reminder of from time to time.

I’ll be keeping this copy… unless it’s on iBooks.

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