Book Review: How To Be Legendary

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This is from my Books page, on which you will find reviews of all of my favorites.

“People will ask me how to build a business or run a marathon or get out of a bad situation, and I’ll tell them something obvious that they already know. Then they’ll nod and agree that it is indeed what needs to be done, and they’ll agree that they already knew it. Then they’ll do nothing. 


Legendary is not a book — it’s actually a ‘manifesto’, published via PDF, which you can get here for free.  Someone I follow on Twitter RT’d Johnny B. Truant’s (the author; I thought he might’ve made up that name but it seems it’s really his name) tweet about his new offering and the preview page for Legendary sold me on it.

Legendary is a step-by-step how-to guide, but it really isn’t, at the same time (you can figure out this riddle by reading it yourself; it’s 73 pages in iBooks and it’s fucking free). Truant makes it very clear early on that his manifesto is a kick in the pants more than it is a life compass — you already know what you need to do to succeed, Legendary is your call-to-action to finally fuckin do it.

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