Book Review: How To Build Websites That Sell

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“If people don’t get right away what you’re selling and why that’s good, you’re essentially blocking a huge chuck of people from entering your sales funnel.”

I found Peep Laja through a link someone shared on Twitter and instantly became a fan, simply because Peep is a genius when it comes to selling things online — not only in selling himself, but in analyzing what works and doesn’t work, and why. I also am partial to the Euro-stye matter-of-factness in his writing.

Websites That Sell is actually not a dedicated offering by Laja — it’s a collection of his best blog posts over the years from his website. As such, there are maybe three times in the book where content overlaps over the course of two to three pages, but this is a small nuisance when weighed against to the heaps of information Peep shares with readers. He uses a lot of live examples of websites doing things the right — and wrong — way.

Websites That Sell is not a book really directed at me and my businesses — I see it as more for those who run full-time ecommerce businesses — but I took a ton of tips from Peep and used them on my own sites. Websites That Sell is a steal for anyone running an online business who wants to save some money on hiring help (you’ll still need to hire help, but you will be much more informed of what you need and how it should be done) and give themselves a crash course in selling stuff online.

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