Book Review: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

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“Do you need to be the Iron Chef to cook a grilled-cheese sandwich? No, and once you make your first meal, it’ll be easier to cook the next most complicated thing. The single most important factor to getting rich is getting started, not being the smartest person in the room.”

Ramit reminds me of myself.

He tells things as they are, in his voice, without sugar-coating the message (I am a fan of a lot of people who fall into this category, in their respective fields). I have come across his posts from time to time via social media shares over the years but never paid close attention to him. Ramit has a big presence online, running his website by the same name of his book along with online workshops, teaching courses and more stuff that I didn’t bother took look up in writing this. I don’t even remember what made me start reading Ramit seriously (or following his tweets), but I did, and I ended up reading his book (which we’ll shorten to “IWT” to save me time and effort in the writing of this review).

In IWT, Ramit does as his title advertises, taking on every aspect of finance such as savings accounts, investing, Roth IRAs, which banks to avoid, whether you should buy a house, how to negotiate when buying a car, paying off loans and credit card debt, even how much money to spend frivolously without feeling bad about it — all broken down sensibly and mathematically, of course. This is the book I wish I had been given as a college junior so I could’ve hit the ground running coming out of school into the “real world”. Many things Ramit discusses in this book never occurred to me, but — as is the case for me in reading books for knowledge — now I know.


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