Book Review: If You’re Not First, You’re Last by Grant Cardone [@GrantCardone]

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“Contrary to what Frank Sinatra claims in his song “My Way,” most people will have many regrets in their lifetime—not just a few. I expect that a fair number of individuals will look back and wish they had done more—not less—and really gone after their dreams with more energy, tenacity, and an unreasonable level of effort. I also think most will wish in hindsight that they had “swung for the fences,” taken the big gamble, and really put themselves all out there. So why wait until the end of your life to wish for these things? Start now, and approach every day as though your future depends upon an almost insane-like pursuit of success.”
I had not heard of Grant Cardone until sometime in 2013 or 14 when I came across this  post. I immediately liked his style and shortly thereafter found out I was already late to the party. Grant has built himself a cult following of sales a marketing people worldwide who follow his tweets, videos, programs and shows. I found this out in a big way after appearing on one of GCTV’s shows in September and the subsequent social media/email barrage once it went public.
If You’re Not First, You’re Last is a sales strategy and mindset book Grant wrote during the recession of 2007-10ish. It is about sales on a direct level, but it’s just as much a personal development book that just so happens to use sales as its vehicle.

Grant’s purpose is to inspire the reader to maneuver your personal economy to a position higher than the challenges of competitors and any possible economic downturns by being completely unreasonable in your actions and expectations of what you’re capable of doing.

The practices are all of the simple-but-not-easy brand; anyone who cannot apply the techniques in If You’re Not First, You’re Last is not stopped by a lack of understanding but a lack of willingness to step outside of their comfort zone. Just reading the book makes it clear to me that the strategies within would produce results. And like I like to say, once you’ve acquired knowledge, you’re responsible for acting on it.

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